The orchid flower

It blooms once in a while, depending on how much you love her and take care of it. It is not a fancy flower, it only wants: some light, rarely water and to be put in nice places!

When it blooms you enjoy the grace of her flowers! When they fall, the colors remain neutral on the green of the leaves. The greater challenge now comes!

You actually take care of her for a long time till one day she makes you a pleasant surprise!

The same way it goes with your mission in life! The mission is the strain, that you take care daily, and occasionally rewards you with elegant petals of happiness! Like any plant, the mission in life plant may be threatened by pests. You know, the most dangerous ones are absurd illusions and fantasies that give you the feeling that they are beneficial, but slowly you end up trapped by them!


How can I reverse the state of falling in love with absurd illusions and fantasies when the whole universe tells me that I am going further away from what my life is supposed to be?

Have you thought at this? Is it a hard and bitter question, but it’s gorgeous! It shows that you care about yourself and your years! It shows that you have potential to reach old age remembering with peace at heart the many pieces of your life.

I know! It’s very difficult to reverse the love of things that apparently make you feel good! Maybe it’s hard to admit that you did not take the best decisions and have taken a difficult road. But I think it’s ten times harder to keep on with the stubbornness of somehow getting things done!

Wow …what an amazing plan! For sure somehow you will manage to do it… that is when you have already wasted energy and resources, when you’ve lost interest, and you gave away a fortune on rotten apples.

gantt-template-powerpoint-pptMore precisely: get a hold of yourself! Apply in action a plan of activities that you can conduct on a daily basis. What are you willing to do at this very moment, what benefits you get and what opportunities are now accessible!

Depending on your main objective, which is realistically due for achievement in …. months (to be completed) you set four objectives of reference (like the geographical coordinates) that you accomplish one at a time, with a realistic deadline of 16 days!

After the excitement is worn away, do not consider breathing easy! Remember that no one can do things for you, and deviating from the topic is just a big waste of valuable time!

Similarly, after all the excitement has passed, remember every day that you want to succeed this time because you want to enjoy a different kind of life, as shown in the future you designed, adapted to the society in which you live, because you do not own an island to do as pleased! And you know that doing so you will get rid of the oppressive trap that has been suffocating you for so long!