Heart stories

Undoubtedly, even the smallest heart in the world deserves to be listened to, as there is no sound more alive than hers!


Maybe you’ve encountered Mathias Malzieu’s work. Well, this french artist dared to compare the heart with a mechanism that was created to measure time… „every beat of it is a small miracle. It is a fragile artwork.” (- line from the famous Jack et la mecanique du coeur).

Maybe a musician, with a more poetic approach, will think at the metronome he uses. In this case, I wonder at what time frequency he might use it? Would it be used to maintain the pulse, while rushing to master techniques? Or it would be there to create discipline in the trivial {life} atmosphere, by setting a correct and constant rhythm?

As far as I can tell, each job works with its own story of the heart, as each job was the result of an action demanded by the heart.

I am well aware that there are all sorts of tunes that could be heard… sometimes on a strong volume, or on a shy note… sometimes supported by all kind of emotions, and other times engaged in the mission to surprise me.

If one’s mind is seized with different kind of objectives, along with illusions, important stuff, memories, forgotten episodes, notions we recently learned or others yet to be discovered… one’s heart is always more receptive to the quinteessence. The only catch is that the heart doesn’t use words to communicate, but heart beats.


Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

In order to recognise them I learned how to listen for them… by using a toy stethoscope. This is my way of knowing when I am on the right track with the choices I make. And, for sure, this is how I get brave enough to go on when it gets tougher.

I must confess that what works for me, might not necessarily be a solution for you. Therefore, don’t expect to read about ingredients to use, potions to drink, or dictionaries to buy.

I am also joking regarding the toy stethoscope. Actually… there is absolutely no need to use a sophisitcated gadget whatsoever. You just need a little training in reducing the volumes of the multiple mind frequencies, in order to be able to recognise your own heart beats.

Photo credit:
Heart string by Will O on Unsplash
Time by Kevin on Unsplash