Friends - season 1, episode 3

This is a show I come back to every time I want a well shaped laughing mood. At the very beginning of season one, I notice a situation a little bizare, but nevertheless that gets me into a reflecting mood.

Long story short, Phoebe - the character I simply ador for her courage to live accordingly to her own beliefs, comes to the coffee shop where she always meets her friends. This time she seemed troubled by the fact that 500 dollars got into her bank account without being hers.

While everyone advices her to use them, she comes up with the argument that she would rather solve this problem, otherwise she would feel like a thief. A few hours later, as a result of her notification to the bank on the money error, she gets another 500 dollars and a helmet as a token of appreciation for her gesture.

Even in this situation she doesn’t consider she deserves the money. Therefore, seeing that she cannot reason with the bank, and shopping is out of the discussion, she decides to offer them to a beggar. For the homeless person is hard to believe somebody is giving away 1000 dollars, but Phoebe just asks for a pretzel and a soda in return, and they can consider they are even.

As said, she gets her treat only to find in the soda can something that brings her another 7000 dollars as appologies on behalf of the producer.

What made me thinking is her reaction everytime she gets a sum of money that she did not earn through her work. She doesn’t consider it hers, and she decides not to use it for her own benefit, completely opposed to every other reaction. It makes me think how I do it…. how I answer to challenges I come across.


It is a must see show, Phoebe has some exquisite moments 😉