Cloudy, with a sunny day feeling

culori….and cold… and in the middle of the week…and routine…and many more to frown about!!!

They all gather, one by one, lining up in the army of excuses. Reasons to take permission to be sad, numb, with a long face, all day long.

It is autumn you know…naturally, we have days like this. Winter is right at the corner, with her sharp coldness and wet feet. Pure happiness. I wonder, there are really people who want to spend the next months, with less sunny days in a heavy mood?

I flew so many times, to be able to remember that the Sun shines brightly beyond the clouds.
I got through a number of planned and unplanned experiences. Each one of them with its own challenges and missions, each one an opportunity to prove myself that I can do it. Of course, when I focus on this tiny little detail 🙂

I admit… it was terrible cold this morning and I would have stayed longer on the pillow warmed up by last night’s dreams.
You know something? I am very glad that I got the nerve to do something today…. that thing that gives me permission to say, up and loud, today was worth living!

And definitely no… I didn’t wear something very thick (in grey and sad mood) like I was feeling when I woke up. I put on some courage and trust, and a warm autumn dress. It was a great day today!