Character and reputation

At least once in your life the curiosity to want to know more about a certain public figure who was successful in his or her life (take for example Henry Ford or Steve Jobs), or of a movie star who made wonders in this industry (like Elisabeth Taylor), or other relevant international character.

Reading Diana, the way she was I bumped into one of her personal thoughts which gave me lots to think about. „Be interested more on your character than on your reputation because who you really are is your character, while your reputation is what others think is you!”

Well, I particularly liked this idea because it is something similar to a clear vision in a world filled with subliminal messages forcing us to search for our own identities, to define us, and most of the time to reinvent ourselves.

I bet that you have heard phrases and notions such as: personal branding, self imagine, self-esteem, the ability and idea of „selling yourself” to get hired, confidence and trust in your own person you have to present hundreds of times, day by day, and many other similar ones. These ideas, in situations we can not avoid (because we are part of a society and we need to interact with people), determine the expression of some codes (of values, morals, ethics, , individual, personal etc), codes that later define who we are without presenting the need for more explications.

But, up to reaching the situation in which we can see clearly the definition of This is me, we need time and opportunities for authentic knowing of oneself. Tell me, when you have to give to a stranger the answer to the question „Who are you?” , your answer reflects your character or the reputation outlined by the princess in the quote from above?

It is OK, nobody is asking you to create novels in order to offer the most clear answer possible. But do you really put an effort in reaching the essential in just a few words? - obviously if you use words, and not other means of communication 🙂

When growing up, we pass through several stages of life, and there always are things that stick with us no matter what, and others that get adjusted according to a particular moment of life. These „things” often are our values, those supporting our character and driving results for our reputation. In order for you to be able to correctly determine them you need some practice and guidance, this is why I invite you to comment to this post and to start writing on a page of self-definition, you know…that page which has written on it „This is me :)” as a conclusion.