Best moments of auto-sincerity

Should they… appear only when outside is heavy raining? …be the results of „I know what I want” and „I can tell you more things about myself” mindsets?… appear out of the blue, with no reason or existential root?

To be, to happen, let’s avoid to much philosophical nothingness.


These moments appear when you want them to be noticed. If not, please grab a chair and wait to pass through life like the drake which lost in the water his fine shoes. It’s a Romanian poem, with lots of humor I might add. You know… we use to say that somebody is passing though life like the drake in the water, making a metaphorical reference to the way we pay attention to non important aspects.

Just like in the drake’s unfortunate situation, we have days spend in the river…looking for some unreasonably expensive slippers. Fortunately, these days are increasingly rare, because I dare more to be as clear and honest with myself, as I can.

The best thing I managed to do so far is to tune in on the frequency of my intuition. There were days when I used to start working on something (no matter if it was related to leisure time, professional activity, hobby, necessity etc) and felt something like a pressure. I became numb before I even started to work, and eventually I went on a auto-pilot mood.

bermudeThis is a very dangerous thing, as you risk to vanish in the Bermuda’s Triangle. You simply forget about who you are, what is your goal, and you prioritize fake needs that last only one moment and don’t nurture you at all. I have understood that the best moments of auto-sincerity are not exactly a spiritual miracle, nor a business training technique.

They are the result of time you spend discussing with yourself (and we do make the distinction between discussion and monologue). The quality of this conversation is so good, that it ends up to ensure the recommended dose of encouragement, dreaming, planning and action. After this, I started to commit to the things that bring me joy and on which I invest quality time. My goal was to feel that the benefits I get out of doing something match my effort, and make me get up in the morning grateful for who I am and what are my interests.

Ohhh…look at the time. I still have something in stored for today, so catch up later 🙂
PS. If you want to read a translated version of the drake’s poem, let me know!