The frontier of limits

Limits, as far as I know them are not something to fool around with. It’s like their power and sole existence are well engraved in humans control panel ~ simply known as the mind.

I have to confess open hearted here, my limits put me to a lot of trouble. I used to encounter them so frequently that I got bruises every time. If the bruises were not there, I would see dark rain clouds gather on the sky, just before an event I announced.

They were heavy pressing. They were illusions that nursed fears next to my motivation.

Eventually, I started observing the way limits act like the frontier of a wonderful and well protected country. Right after you pass the frontier line, you get to see the beautiful blue shades of the sky, and you experience a feeling of happiness, fulfillment and freedom you didn’t think was possible. Then you reflect upon your actions saying to yourself: „I am glad I made it up to here”.

Of course, it becomes natural not wanting to get back to worries, fears and doubts. They are way to painful and time consuming. It is better to keep going on your road, till you reach new frontiers to pass, till you live again that feeling confirming the joy to live by the will of courage.

When I get lazy I open a notebook where I gather ideas, sentences and thoughts I want to get back at. On the first page I wrote „This is courage” as a reminded of a complete set of experiences that are dear to me… that I acknowledged after passing a frontier very well guarded.

This is courage

Long ago I wrote down: „What is giving me limits? The fact that I do not know, I have never met before, or maybe I don’t want? What I have forgotten is that the only thing unlimited I have is time, the rest are part of who I am, part of my thoughts and strenghts.”

The moment I assess my own limits, I get to move around the blind spots of the map. And I make a lot of progress in discoveries. When I know where my limits are, I actually know what I have to do next… where I need to add learning material, what I need to put to the test, and where I need to change the direction.

The cool part is that this kind of travelling doesn’t require a passport or a visa. From time to time a companion is welcomed (such as a coach that knows and loves his job), but not all the time. He or she just helps when the road gets tougher.

Ahhh… a little bit extra of my confession… I no longer have fears nursed together with my motivation. I replaced it a while ago with my notebook of thoughts and ideas.

Photo credit by N. on Unsplash