6 Thinking Hats

On a theater stage you can recognize the types of characters depending on the outfit the actors wear. They are preparing for hours to give life to those characters, to make you believe their story so that later the curtain could fall and you can go back to reality.

Daily we have many roles .. and we can not say we have the chance to rehearse in advance. Moreover, often we get to improvise as we are trapped into a conversation or situation in which we find ourselves.

These roles on which we consume energy - see mother / father, daughter / son / brother / sister, boyfriend / girlfriend, fellow office / manager / head of department etc - can distract us from what is really important. Thus, in the absence of a dedicated coaching activity we lose easily the reins of our mind.

„6 Thinking Hats” is an exercise ideal for role plays helping to smooth the functioning of a team and individual organization. Personally it helps you to anchor yourself to the thread thinking generating results and for groups it helps eliminate quarrels and misunderstandings. Before using the hats philosophy it is important to understand what each color represents, as described below.

The White Hat claim information that you know or that you need. „The facts and only the facts” come to mind when you wear it.

The Yellow Hat is a symbol of light and optimism. Every time you wear it, you explore positive thoughts and validate valuable opportunities and benefits.


The Black Hat is judgment - or in other words the arguments against success. Not letting it be dominant, this hat will help you identify the difficulties and dangers that await for you … and to figure out where things could go wrong. It is even possible to be one of the most useful hats, if you use it sparingly!


The Red Hat symbolizes feelings, hunches and intuition. So when you turn to this hat you actually allow yourself to express your emotions and feelings, sharing freely fears, likes, what you do not like, what you love and what makes you dissatisfied.

The Green Hat is the creativity, the possibilities, the alternatives and the new ideas. It’s a real opportunity to express and explore new concepts and viewpoints.
The Blue Hat is the bridge to ensure that the requirements of the principles of the philosophy of the 6 Thinking Hats are followed.

The interesting part is yet to come !! For the process to be functional seek six hats in the given colors and associate them with the symbols described above. Wear them properly and you will see the results.

Be careful !! When you commit to play according to the rules of the 6 Thinking Hats you agree to become aware of your roles. You really are responsible for the message you send in the world and your only certainty that you have sent it right is the final moment of the play when the audience give you standing applauses.