Where to put it?

Have you ever felt like you were about to fly? And this flight was possible because you felt very - and I mean veeeery - close to having one of your dreams coming true?

When the magic twinkles your fingers, you know just then that you can move mountains as well. And, no matter how impossible it would seem… you might have big chances to make it 🙂 There are mountains that listen to your plead and go for a walk, but they are some very special mountains.


A mountain is found on some specific geographic points for ages, therefore, moving it a little bit could seem a crazy thing. So what? The world is filled with „crazy - impossible” things, so anything could work.

A mountain is considered to be a sand dune that you can move only when you find the one grain of sand that has the power to create the domino effect.

A mountain is „that thing” you have to climb if you want to see the world above the clouds. This climb, as impossible as it may sometimes seem, always starts with a first step.

This first step, requires your mind to work hard, to overcome every fear real or fictional, known or unknown. And believe me when I say that our mind has the „gift” of blowing our minds or of bring us into senses, depending on how free we let it be. Or, on how much we manage to domesticate it.

There are also underwater mountains, but moving them requires you to explore a whole new ecosystem. Can you even imagine how you could manage move in a new environment, having the oxygen tube with you and other obstruct accessories? How funny should it be: to step out of your own word, and go explore a whole new one just for the sake of „leaving the ordinary behind”. Adjusting to a place where everything is different with a purpose.

In a dejected world, every feeling „out of the ordinary” makes the difference. The mountain you want to move is not miles away from you and it is not made of rock formations. In fact. it is always within your reach. You climb it all the time, only you are not aware of this all the time.


Once you start climbing the sides of your life, including the ones that lie deep down in the sea of your being, you might find yourself strongly yelling „I am alive”!!!!!