Tomorrow is already today!

This is what Juliette was telling me once and I found myself noticing how much, how quick or how easy we get bewitched by „it is hard” /”I do not know how” / „I can not” and „I am afraid”.

Swimming lesson: the courage to forget about the bottom of the pool, or the sea given the case, and ride the wave of the moment. Juliette: Ohhh, I am so afraid of the water. I do not know how to get carried away. It is coordinating my hands, with my legs, while breathing and trying not to drink the water.

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Dancing moment: That passion to have somebody listening to the same music as you and responding together to her rhythm. Juliette: Ufff, I have never danced with you before. I do not know very well the steps. It is hard to let somebody lead you, let aside to lead somebody…

Public speaking: The frenzy of your thoughts and your logic to give some precious idea to your public. Juliette: I fear criticism so much, you cannot even imagine this. How can I say something that for sure will not be accepted by half of the listeners. It is hard to send a message when people do not hear me.

While I work I would like to: Put in practice a daring idea, that seems to be strange, but which I am positive it would bring wow results. Juliette: Well, you see, my boss doesn’t support this kind of initiatives. I do not know what to do anymore considering that I have tried this and that. It is so hard to make a change when we are so much used to it.

I have tried, it doesn’t work: and that’s it? All the way down disappointment?? Juliette: Yeees…..why not? It is simpler to run after another vision when you bump into obstacles harder to pass. I do not know how to stop trying and start succeeding.

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Hmmm… how about losing the drama my dear Juliette? In the world governed by ït is hard” and „I can not” only the few courageous and determined people make it.

What to do then? I would say to want to change something, to achieve something, to follow an objective you truly believe in! The situation is what it is, good or bad this is it. You know only the energy of dreams, actions and believes can make you be more confident than yesterday, more daring than today in order to reach up now to your goals. Tomorrow is today already!