The crystal routine

Somebody told me at some point that routine is that state when you get bored of doing the same thing over a period of time. Yesterday maybe I would have added that there is also a lack of passion for that activity, but more and more I think that routine is merely an excuse for habit fostered by fear and unknown.

Why not? In the long run, desperate researches lead to false conclusions, easily projected into reality. This is why it is simple to blame the routine, and stress, and boredom… when in fact something else is happening.

Why yes? We all have bad moments that hurt very much, that make you think you want to quit because it is easier, or because this is how life goes on and we do not need to stand up to much.

Why not? and Why yes? in mathematical order have the something in common: the decision we take! What is stopping you to do the same daily thing, but each time differently? We have resources where to choose from: what will it be routine victim or the architect of your own life?


What would happen if you would do more often things you love? Tell me what color could bring into your office? Would you be able to sing during each break… playing sometimes, dreaming while walking down the street, or waiting in line to pay a bill and so on πŸ™‚

Could you fall in love each day,try something new right now, enjoy the beautiful life you actually have? Can you imagine that? Remember I am one click away if you want to find out more πŸ˜‰

In fact, why do you need so much to pamper the routine? Trust me, it is perfectly ok if the crystal ball where you keep it is smashed. Don’t cry for it, is not a nice piece of furniture either.