The view from above


“I am finally here”, I told myself. My dream is finally coming true I was thinking while searching for money to pay the cab driver.

It was dark outside, but nevertheless the long hours spent in the airport and the drive here could not erase the joy I had. I was standing at the entrance of the tallest building in the world, people all around me were hurrying somewhere.. and me… well I was staring at the sky with my mouth open of amazement.

Believe me, the greatness of the tower building in front of me was overwhelming. For a second I felt like an ant, and somehow I understood that the impossible relies on proportions that we create in our mind. How else somebody would have dared to build such a big building? For a matter of fact, I have heard that by 2019 there will be build another building, even taller than this one.

“Such power of imagination….such knowledge…how brave… how gifted should be the man who designed this building.” With these ideas rolling in my head, and with lots of admiration I entered the building. There was a doorman who smiled at me as if he was trying to tell me something like: “… it took you a while till you dared to follow this dream. Do you see that it is worth while?”


All I remember is that I slightly hear a pleasant „Welcome…” and a classic „reception desk to the right.” everything was glowing, as if it was the work of a Ginny from a magic lamp. I was actually pinching myself to check that it was for real, that dawn will come and I will still be there able to explore the place some more.

My apartment, the one I booked months in advance, was at a few hundred meters up. So, considering all my heights fears, everything seemed to come from a nice dream I did not want to wake up from. As you can imagine, I hardly had the chance to sleep that night. It was actually very hard to do so considering that in the air there was a pleasant aroma of unreal and perfection that you could not afford to waste it while sleeping.

The following day, during the first row of congress workshops and discussions, I heard a comment while the speaker was mentioning something about the importance of understanding the process no matter if it is a business one, or a personal one, not just taking it for granted.

Beside me there was this man from India, that clearly had lots of life experience, and he was waiting me to confirm his argument. But me, staring at the display in front of me, remained listening in silence the discussion. I wanted to keep the critics for myself, no matter how Old school the subject seemed to me as well.


During the coffee break our roads crossed again, this time while he was eager to find out if I had the chance to admire The View. „Well, yes” I answered him with a voice not so convinced, explaining that I was scared of heights.

“That is such a shame! … you flew so may hours to get here, and you do not dare to see the world from the top of the tallest building. This I cannot accept to be true. When are you going to enjoy your life beyond your fears?”

I did not knew him at all and so, I was thinking that he has no right to judge me at all. But this did not meant that the question What scares me? did not appear in my mind. I knew it was a safe building, I knew that other people went to the top and they were fine, I could observe the experience of its creator in each and every corner and detail. So what was holding me back to press the elevators top floor button?

The conversation that followed in my mind became far more interesting than the ones proposed in the congress. I was thinking at everything that brings me joy, and keep me in my safe zone. I was thinking at those words of mouth that claim that the sky is the limit, and I was afraid to climb up near to the clouds level.

Who knows when would I have the chance to come back again, so, as time went by I was collecting the courage to ask the guide to take me to the highest point of the building visitors where allowed.

I admit it, while we reached the 80 floor I wanted to quit. The funny thing is that while I was trying to explain this to the guide we went another 20 floors up. That elevator was on fire, like you had no time to waste… so, in a few seconds I found myself at the top.

a few safety measures later, and here I was having in front of me the most incredible view. The world was somewhere down there, hundreds of meters under my feet.

Cars seemed to be toys of a boy, the buildings looked like the plan of a town, and the only thing clear were the color accents of an urban jungle. Up there, only the wind had something to say with his force and noise that I could not describe.

Then I came to understand how important is to go over your challenges… not having any regrets, or leaving somewhere thinking „How would have been if”. How is this so? Well, I have seen that it is WORTH WHILE to follow your dream the whole way.

on top


To see the world as a whole, to observe the fine curve of the planet and to feel how you move in the wind, are just a few things that I could never describe completely. Yes, in that very moment your eyes looked down you became dizzy, your heart beat faster and your hand clenched fore safety on its grip. But everything was worth it because that feeling of freedom and balance you can not possibly find elsewhere.

Just imagine, I closed my eyes because of my fear, and when I’ve opened them again (with all my fear running through me) I saw the sea shining, the Sun getting ready to wake up other nationalities and I was there, enjoying their simplicity, as few people had this opportunity. That very moment there I felt invincible.


This is only a story. The tallest building in the world right now is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I admit, I haven’t been there, but I let my imagination run free while admiring this panoramic view.

Like any other genuine story, this one rely also in some truth: fearing the unknown many times I went around the block, every time sighting deeper and deeper for my captured dream. And this went along up till one day when I found the courage to do something different that could take away the sight. With each and every new step, my courage grew and I managed to reach my dream. That’s when I came to understand that we spent a lot of time searching for excuses and avoiding chances just because “I am OK for the moment”, even though “I would love to be somewhere else, perhaps far away from my comfort zone” has popped on my mind.