The dance of magic

Apparently many things remain shrouded in mystery world wide, and yet often we reach to the point when we ask questions such as:

  • Will I ever be able to move „mountains”?
  • Am I allowed to reach my dreams?
  • Do I want to reach on the peak of happiness, see the crystal palace of success and lay in the arms of love?
  • Do I afford to enjoy life as my heart wishes?

    i want magic

Mystery or not, the secret is to find those answers followed by a large and confident smile: „You bet I can! It is out of the question … I will make it!”

Ok… and you enter in the round dance of questions hoping to last till the end. Actually, the dance releases you of the burden of doubt. As you figure out the steps, well the answers, you forget whatever you never knew, and you start enjoying the music. Do you need more?


I can tell you that all the fun, enthusiasm and energy are there in the dance, you can not experience them when you sit and watch life happening before your eyes. If you want action, no matter the regional correspondences of your dance:

The York of your career… The Paris of your wishes… The Moscow of your challenges… The Australia of your inspiring travels or the Africa of your passions

You can be sure, that the statement ended with an exclamation mark will come only when you accept magic in your life!

It seems this is how the system works. Can you understand it? Do you want to understant it? or You want to enjoy the greatest adventure of them all - your life?!

I can only tell you this: the magic happens when you are true to yourself. With everything that completes you: Body, Mind and Spirit.