Audacity peaks

Go crazy… take a full step, determined, directed towards the important aspects of your life. You know… those that make you tremble with excitement and make you feel alive!

Do You Dream In Colour?

How is this so, you may wonder. What are you going to do?

Life can catch up, any moment now.
If you stick with it, I mean, you don’t let it pass while waving goodbye… then every moment could seem exciting!

When we try to escape and postpone the initiative of action, what do we do?
Do we start to speak in rhymes?
Do we waltz our way back home?
Do we paint in colors the grey walls of our indecision?
Do we pamper ourselves with the taste of passion.. or with at least some apple and cinnamon in the middle of winter?

well.… if only we would do all of that… what do you think would happen then?

Please, tell me, for what you are preparing so much? What are you expecting to happen, as I hear you starting a sentence with „yes, but…”


I understand that many times, we are accustomed to prepare intensively for everything. And we do it intensively, even if we do not always want to admit it. For some intensive is waking up in the morning, for others a simple phone conversation can be very exhilarating and so on.

After a while you hear it.
BAAAAM! And you stop. You are being told not to breathe anymore. And then it hits you: life is just like an upside down, rubble, bubble cake.

What it means? Well it is a metaphor for everything that happens all around you.

Are you, or not the Master of Ceremonies of your own life event? If you need some clarifications, I will be here 🙂