Leadership: 5 Weeks in a balloon!

Have you ever experienced that feeling of ascent? How about the emotion of the take off, the pride with which you defy gravity or that courage with which you feel the drafts?

Have you ever been aware of what it means to take a decision in that one second when faith and doubt pop up in your mind, and only one reaches to your heart determining the success (or failure) of your flight?

In 1863, the fantastic ideas of a french author were used in creating exceptional stories, thus offering parts of answers to questions similar to the above ones.

j verne

This man had the gut to dream of a new world where adventure and fantasy were happily married 🙂 He flew away using his mind, and this is how I now remembered his 5 Weeks in a Balloon and the wonders of Africa (so little explored, not at all boring and very exciting) not helping myself to wonder what would mean 5 weeks in a balloon to a professional of today?

How many individuals like me, or like you, or like them (our colleagues from Bucharest, Timisoara, Constanta, England, France or Japan maybe) crave for a new kind of story impossible at first sight, but anchors them in their own life? How many of them do you believe have the courage to take responsibility for a position and get involved in a story where he or she would have to explore the very unknown?

Going back to the ascent, I know think that the moment of the take off means something for the crew and something else for the passengers. Now, I ask you my dear reader, which group you think will fly better? Could it be the one group where people believe in their own dreams?

In daily life - that one you very well know when mornings taste like coffee, days are happening in an office where you go because (…and here you can fill in with your reason to work there) and evenings are just the same…. it doesn’t matter that we are pilots, flight crew members or passengers. It is important to be in the group who believes! In what, in whom, how much is a whole new story.

This is when a good leader emerges - a trustworthy person, who give a meaning to your faith! A leader knows how to manage drafts, without getting intimidated by the blue sky’s greatness. That leader is ready to fly even higher, to go round the idea so that in the end he would get on a station saying with victory and pride: Yes, we have made it together! Now let’s get on our next adventure we want to explore…

With some courage and support (see Leadership Coaching by Dreams come TRUE Coaching) the leader in you can go on directing an expedition, longer than 5 weeks in a balloon.