Spontaneity, my love

How do you feel about the new things you dare to do every day? Or, at least, at those you think you’d enjoy doing? Are they part of your life now?

I know … there will be days when you will start with a „Yes, but … Time? Resources? Energy? Mood? „Let’s stop right here. Do now something new - the first thing that comes to mind and I am certain that if you do it again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, and every day from now on, you’ll have a great time.

One category of new includes the notion we call SPONTANEITY.

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It could be similar to the times when you are relaxed (a) and smile naturally in front of the camera. Maybe it tastes like the best dessert in the world … feel the flavor? Or, maybe it sounds just like The one instrument that touches the string of your soul called happiness.

No matter your similarities, novelty, spontaneous or not, lived every day makes you a man/or woman feeling great!

Only after you experience this, you have my permission to argue … if you consider it is still ok to argue 🙂

be happy

Spontaneity requires a bit of courage, a teaspoon of curiosity and lots of willingness.

In this way,spontaneously I mean, I’ve accepted an invitation one evening to go to a play with a dear friend. Immediately I spontaneously found time to go, as you can imagine the invitation came with one hour before the performance started. As the opportunity had arisen, I only had to accept it and go to the theater. As you can imagine, I said yes finding the time and energy to go there, laughed a lot and left feeling like I could enjoy anything I want. And I still can do it 🙂

Yes, ma’am! I think it was my favorite line. Why? Because it was said on a tone so determined that I learned to say in the same manner:

Yes ma’am .. opportunity! Yes, ma’am … novelty of this day 🙂 All because I want to enjoy today.

I also left with the feeling that people, although different, are very similar. This was revealed to me through the characters way of being, and then through the situations in which I could find myself.

Passion combined with Talent sustained by Commitment and embraced by Hard Work come with the gift of Applause - a thank you wherever you are for whatever you do.


I know that actors value the applause because it is their most precious Thank you. This time I saw it in the actors eyes as well, fascinated by the sound of hundreds of pairs of hands beating in unison.

This was one new thing that I’ve done one Friday night … and you believe me or not …since then I keep on saying „Yes, ma’am” at least once a day. Therefore the part with „Yes, but …” is now just a fairy tale for me.

Ahh .. the play was actually called Ghost, my love! A lovely comedy with talented actors in leading roles: Marius Vizante, Gabriela Popescu and Monica Davidescu. You can find out more about it following the link from here.