Paintings in my life

Often I „get lost” for minutes and hours in front of a canvas whiter than a mountain top. I said that I „get lost” using quotations marks, because every time I sit and watch the canvas I actually explore the mysteries of my imagination.

I can even imagine myself working on a painting somewhere on the hills of Toscany. I close my eyes and I start to feel the warm noon sun caressing my shoulders. A gentle wind plays with the lock of my hair, as if telling me I’m ready. It’s time to put on canvas the inspired colors of the images seen in my dreams.

Everything is prepared from the canvas propped on the wooden easel … to my palette that is at hand. Can I tell you a secret? I spent at least 30 minutes lost in front of the canvas. It happens everytime I remember that I want to be honest with myself starting with the creative process. It’s natural, right? When you really want to completely get involved in a particular activity 🙂

I was telling you that I spent some time just looking at the canvas. Well, this is the moment when through my mind pass by lots of thoughts. Sometimes, I remember how I used to draw when I was a child, often knowing how the drawing will end up. But not to mention when I was successful… that wonderful feeling of appreciation for my own sweet creations.

Then a few insipid thoughts croos my mind, that I ignore as soon as I feel their presence. Are those kind of thoughts that come as a remorse for wasting time, or many others that are not worth the trouble to further mention them.

pensuleAt some point, filtering through all of these thoughts something magic happens, I could say. Without thinking, I grab the brush in my hand, start playing with it in oils and colors and make two coloured pirouettes with it. And, as you say Dreams Come TRUE the pirouette turns into an unbelievable line, where earlier there was a white nebula.

You may think that at this point I breath with relief, but to be honest I forget to breathe because of the excitement. It’s that moment of decision making: if it’s too much or too little here and there. If I could add something more, or if this is what I was looking for. I let myself be surprised by my own creation. Just like a happy child giving life to all his magic friends.

Well, when the inner game is played … it’s recommended not to let it last forever … it’s ok. You bring balance by taking control over the reality of the moment to make sure your that your work is likely to make you smile 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you paint or draw, what really matters is to be there with all those people who are living their dream! Just like those people who use their eyelashes to keep very discreet the shine in their eyes. When they walk you have the impression that they are floating and dancing at the same time as if they listen to an inner mysteriously rhythm, only they know. Their voice is strong, they have clear and simple ideas and a smile … hmmm .. I think it’s like a permanent tattoo.