Olympic attitude

Because the change of seasons was stubborn in creating a gloomy weather, I’ve decided to respond with warmth of my actions. And so, I managed to follow part of the Winter Olympics that took place at Soci.

Beyond a burning desire to climb the podium, I followed the athletes whose performances have made me live their emotion. By analogy I followed my own position on the podium and establised that I want the gold medal on the Olympics Laurels of my life.

As far as I know, the Olympics is one of the most important event in the life of an athlete, for which he or she works days and months in a row, sometimes even years , respecting a rigorous training program. This is the job an athlete chooses and rarely you will hear his comments and complaints.

I say rarely because I am convinced that they exist, but are replaced with a stronger desire to defeat own fears or limitations of mind and body. I think it would be interesting to determine how many Olympics we have in our professional activity, knowing very well the rules in sportsof the competition and how it unfolds .


Interesting performance ideas that we can learn from sports are :

  • Following a supreme goal : the Olympics, where you establish the rules. With a well-determined frequency, with competent opponents (you, your ego, perceptions of others and who you would like to be), depending on what you expect from life .
  • Do not sleep on one ear, analyze which are things you can improve on yourself in order to increase the chances of success.
  • Think that your strong abilities are in the right rhythm. What you know is done naturally. Therefore, choose to be critical enough when you choose the action plan.
  • When you have very clear what you have to do, when you have visualzed the whole program to the last detail … then you can get started .
  • Train yourself to practice patience and control your emotions, so that you can enjoy everything that happens in your life.

I believe you have more to gain when you start with a smile on your face and with the throught in your mind that you want to enjoy this unique experience.

  • Love what you do and enjoy the moment no matter how hard or easy you make it look like 🙂

Business or sport, it doesn’t matter… success is up to you! I recommend you to integrate in your life every good thing (and use it) from sports, to choose your reliable coach, who - when you feel like quitting – is there to be the protector and supporter of the Laurels you wish for.