One thing about fears

What could I write about fears that would be a new information? What could it be useful for me, and for you my dear reader, when it comes down to fears?

Well, out of pure curiosity (and to be honest - looking for inspiration) I tried to see how fear is perceived around the world. Somewhere, in the middle of the time I scheduled for this research, I realised that fear is something very subjective, maybe even very private.

The fact that we live in a specific geographic area is not at all related to the fears we experience.

There were many times when children around me grabbed my coat and tried to hide behind me at the sight of a dog. To tell you the truth I also keep my distance when it comes to dogs, as I have a vivid memory of being bitten by one.

After my unfortunate encounter with a dog, I went a few times to the hospital for a specific treatment. Once, while waitning for the bus, a lady with her dog came to rest near me. In the next second I move a little further, so the lady easily understood what was going on. She told me to control my fear while talking with the dogs.
In this way they will understand that I am a peacefull person and they will be friendly.

Becoming friends! Well this is something that always works, if you are trully willing.

By learning to use this talking technique I could not say I was completely cured of my fears, but it helped a lot.
Now, I find amusing to see someone getting scared of dogs, and looking for some protection from me not knowing the struggles I face myself. In this situation I put all the effort to move with my fears.

Somewhere between the other person’s fear and my idea to cross on the other side of the street, I discover the courage to continue from where I stand.

I think that if I listen to my fears, just like a pupil receiving instructions for his test, I will keep on taking the longer path.

In this way I will keep on avoiding a precious part of myself. That part that teaches me how to be a better version of myself each and every day. This is wht follosing the laws of fear one waste time.

I know today that my fear for dogs has cinsiderably reduced in size, and together with it the toughts of not being able to succeed.

All thanks to interaction. With myself… with my wishes… with the source of my fears.

I do understand that most fears are an alarm set to go off whensomething new appears in our dailylife.

There is a bonus thing I know: outside my comfort zone there are many reasons that could keep a smile on my face for at least an entire day!

Photo Credit: Keep Exploring by Justin Luebke
Three dogs by Anoir Chafik
Walking on a string by Leio McLaren