Jam and bread

Autumn is here… so the storage room is getting filled up… and in this craziness of tastes we may find the most flavored of them all called “my working place”.

You eat it with bread over the weekend, or simple during the week… because.. well, I do not know, maybe you are on a diet? When you are truly happy and content with yourself you start to make some interesting combinations using it. That’s the moment when you have the guts to surprise yourself with your own imagination. You know best how high is the level of expectations and which are the results.

I could not put my finger on it, but there is a reason why I feel that this taste mixing up is a fun activity you engage to few times. Did it all occur to you that you have the power to have some more fun? Just think of it and do it!

Can you believe it? If you follow less the cooking books, well ok the How to books… and just start trying out several things, you can end up having a pleasant surprise more than once. A very pleasant one, to be honest! Let’s call it: Carpe diem; and afterwards, using a more alive Latin you will end up saying: I am having fun… I am happy… I am alive!

Ok, I agree with you, there are times when you fail in your combination. So what? This is a strong enough reason to stop and say: I was having so much fun and I would not dare do it again trying out a new idea…

You know… there on the table you can find a whole bunch of ingredients, waiting to be used. Some of them are not fresh, they are called saboteurs and they have managed to be there thanks to some degree of, let’s say, distraction. These saboteurs hit us hard right before we would decide to continue, to want more, to dare to dream, to smile or to enjoy one’s job.

What are going to do with the ones on your table? Will you leave them there to contaminate the fresh ingredients as well? Or, when you encounter one, you simply throw it to the garbage can?

You know… I would love to know what kind of “job on bread” mix have you tried lately… and most important of them all, which are the ingredients on your cooking table :D