It could rain or it could be a sunny day…

It could rain or it could be a sunny day, see if I care because I have a big smile with me :) Actually, do you have any idea how wonderful a smile is? Do you know that apart from fact that you boost your energy level, you also bring beauty in the life of others only by smiling? And it’s all so easy!!!

A smile is your personal business card that you take in business meetings knowing it will grant you the expected results.

Scientific studies, not me, speak about the measurement qualities of a smile because it can show how beautiful and successful a man’s life is. In other words, if you want to have a happy life, harmonious and balanced, then you would better start smiling as much as you can – and 10 times more afterwards!!!

We hold a smile for sweet memories :) and just one special smile for your hearts friend. Then there is that smile when we play a specific part like to be ironic, funny or just simply enjoying life.

Are you familiar with those difficult moments, filled out with worries and stress, and all of a sudden you happen to hear a tune that reaches your soul? Trust me, on that very moment you wear the precious accessory a man or a woman could use daily.

Just like a child with his favorite dessert on the plate you innocently smile in front of such pleasure. The same light is on your face when you have managed to solve a problem, to help a colleague in need or achieved a goal.

And 1000 times YES…. we can have a genuine smile even when life is tough, when it hurts the most or when you do not seem to be in a comfortable situation. I bet you know that you can trace the presence of a smile over the phone. Don’t tell me… how many times did it occurred to you to actually hear when the person you were talking to was smiling?

Tell me, what would a working meeting look like if everybody could dare to smile? And those smiles would come naturally, in a space that values development… respecting the specific purpose of your gathering: exploring the best options at hand.

I have trained myself to smile, and to do it being aware of it even in those times when one could come up with an excuse like “oh, I have forgotten”. For example, if you are performing on a stage, the smile is the chemistry between you – the artist and the public. In a business room a smile nurture trust, and in the rest of your life’s events the smile is “guilty of charge” for the accomplishments you have.

The good news is that we born smiling (here are scientific comments too)… the even better news is that we can get used to smiling immediately… because it brings in a wellness based life.