How have you been?

The emotion of novelty should be overwhelming regardless of age. I think we are more energetic and optimistic when we cease to control so much our own happiness and let the soul to breathe fresh air frequently.

By „fresh air” I make referrence to any little pleasure that we suffocate every time we choose first phrases like „I cannot ” or „I wish , but … blah blah and more excuses”.

I’ve used the subway these days to reach the office. A wise choice considering that I received flowers from a group of people enjoying a rainy spring morning . I saw a kid who was impressively happy , because “he was riding” for the first time in his life even in the subway and he wanted to repeat the ride again this time longer 🙂 By the time we reached Victoria’s Square I had come to feel like in a real spaceship . And then it hit me! How little we enjoy seemingly insignificant things of a day, such as using the subway as a mean of transportation.

After a few years you notice that you’ve changed … you do not have the same worries and concerns that you had in school, you do not fall in love like in high school and certainly you don’t go on wasting nights like in college. Are you still looking for amazingness or joy in a gloomy day when you use the subway? Look closely how your days are happening or just passing by. How are you? … Look closely towards you and tell me what you see?