Coaching myths

On my reading list I have found Max Landsberg and his Coaching book. When I saw it I remembered all the interesting examples it had for managers who really wish to be successful in their business when applying coaching as a „way of doing” strategy. Among the examples, one of the characters wrote a very interesting fact and myth review on coaching; I think will be useful for you.

“Let’ talk openly: delivering high quality coaching doesn’t mean to be a swell man. It means that you have the ability to be organized and creative when discussing with your colleagues, similar to those you apply to gain results in your activity.

Before we could talk about the necessary skills of a good coach, let us reveal some myths and fact on coaching.

Myth: When we help somebody to become better, and we use coaching as a process, we do it first of all for the well-being of that person.

Fact: There are many tangible, selfish and acceptable reasons to why a person expresses the need to become a better coach. The reality is that good coaches consider that their personal gains are so rewarding that rarely they give up on them. Here is a list of a few possible advantages, exposed their order of importance on personal level:

  • More time for self. You can either leave home early, or you can invest your time in achieving higher results. Even though, in theory, it is impossible to scientifically prove it, the vast majority of good coaches believe that a daily 10 minute investment in coaching will return in at least 20 minutes saved per day.
  • Better skills for creating relations with your clients. By doing coaching with your colleagues you can develop your abilities of interpersonal communication so vital in establishing efficient clients and buyers relations.
  • Better organization. If you intent to have a long term career in your company, investing in the personal development of your colleagues is obviously a smart move.
  • It is so much fun. Working in teams coaching based, the whole working atmosphere improves.
  • Higher level of adherence. Helping others, will determine them to return the favor at some point in time. And if you dream to become a leader, it is worth remembering that every leader needs the support of those around him.

Myth: Focus upon the person you are guiding.

Fact: Know yourself. A coach does not use his focus only upon his coachee. A very good people developer presents a higher level of knowing himself. Everybody presents the necessary skills to be a coach; unfortunately, the majority encounter some psychological stoppers when they need to apply constantly and efficiently the coaching methods. Great coaches know how to surpass these stoppers.

Myth: Coaching equals feedback

Fact: There are many other methods and instruments important in coaching. Even if people consider that coaching refers only to the ability of offering feedback and suggestion to others, they ignore that feedback based on observation and intuition is only one instrument in the coach’s toolkit. For example, a good entrepreneur masters the art of asking the right questions. People using coaching very often can find things when they are asked: „How well do you think you managed the situation? What will you do differently next time?” rather than when told: „This is what you did wrong and this is what you should do next time”. In fact, there are many other instruments like the OROC approach and the motivational techniques.

Myth: Coaching needs lots of time

Fact: The best coaching is the one delivered in small amounts. Lots of people consider that when you want to help somebody through coaching, you need to give him lots of time. With a little bit of practice, you will not need to wear a jogging suit each time you want to help somebody. Small time investments – even 5 minutes - lead to sensible increases of performances.

Myth: Coaching is only useful for the working environment.

Fact: An efficient coaching is applied in other life areas as well. People developing coaching abilities in their workplace usually find out that they become better when they need to help their friends, partners and children. From this point of view, coaching is definitely a skill to efficient relate in life, in general.”

The bestseller called Coaching talks about how the main character, Alex manages to excel in his career by using coaching. Eventually he understands the coaching principles from the perspective of a true Manager as a Coach.

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