Manifesto for optimism

While exploring information, motivational messages and inspirational pictures, I came across this collage of words, ideas and tips.

It’s about some kind of attitude you have to have in your life, if you want this and that to happen… Well, maybe it is easier said than done, but not impossible.


I think it is really about a discipline process, of getting from bad habits to healthy practices.

So, Discipline yourself my friend!!!

You know, the most powerful arguments and complete debates are held in your head, therefore the strongest rival you have is yourself. How incredible this truth is 🙂 don’t you agree?

Perhaps there are times when you don’t feel like laughing thinking about this, but I can tell you it would be appropriate to do so, because you’re an exceptional diplomat and and authentic negotiator. Negative thoughts can take control of your mind when you only give them permission.


I think both successes, and mistakes define us. Moreover, mistakes, problems, challenges and headaches are a hoax of negativity. The more you give them free hand, the more they do how they please.

But when you take them for granted, you discover the good and bad perspectives, you become whole and complete, thanks to your imperfections.

Did you offer time to yourself in discovering your world? To say „wow … how many wonders there are day and night, winter or summer, here and there, behind every blink, word or moment?” How can you let negative thoughts spans when there are so many beautiful things around just waiting to receive some of your attention ?



What we feel becomes our reality! Dreams come true when you believe you deserve them, after all they are yours, right? Is your mind the one who has created them.

Why not express your positive thoughts? How the negative ones are greater? With nothing, I tell you. Between now and then, the only thing that matters is how you think, from now on.

Ahhh, choices, choices, choices … Today I think and I enjoy an ice cream (so what if its the middle of winter), and a book about management principles and authentic musical emotions. How about it?
What is the amount of optimism / excitement of your day today, here and now?