Unforeseen career game

Gathering thoughts and experiences form here and there I have starting to note down that:

  • 7 continents!
  • hundreds of business people with strong ideals
  • 10 and thousands of other top success stories exceeding the number of failures
  • billion people - census made in time and space! (without taking into account civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria and the like.)
  • 96 trillion of dreams that came true and still counting!snow

Din cufarul amintirilor cu strategii de iarna cu bulgari de zapada pufosi s-a ivit si intrebarea:

From the winter strategies and memories chest having fluffy snowballs flying around the following question pop-ed up:

Do you happen to know what have you been doing all this time with your career?

  • Well, aside from reaching your objectives as required.
  • Ok, an aside from being busy to excel in what you do
  • Come on, aside from training yourself for the next level

I thought so. It’s a pretty good plan? It requires long-term investment - energy on your part?


I understand. Let’s play a little. Let us imagine, let’s create ideas for tomorrow’s memories. You’re at the point where the whole plan, functional as it is, must be redesigned. The idea is that you are allowed to keep a few items, some you can do differently, and most importantly you can add new things.

Allocate 10 minutes for a rapid re-planning. See how you feel by the end. If it makes sense for you, can be implemented … then do not waste time anymore. Take action! I give you my word, as I have been testing lots of plans and redesigns in plans… it feels so good to stop and plan the unpredictable (in our case the audacity to make a new plan, no matter how different it is). This is how you get the jackpot.

no connection

I came to understand that when you break out from reality, from what works and does not work (many theories from what I have heard, not tested for myself), when you forget about pressure (many who dwell in your imagination) you get to rediscover yourself, the joy of just being you and the enthusiasm of the beginning, of that particular thing you are good at.