The workshop of your mind

There are quotes of Albert Einstein claiming that Imagination is far more important that the knowledge!

Now, I ask you my dear reader… have you ever reflected upon the meaning of these words? One thing is for sure: he was not a crazy man. Therefore, what do you think lies behind this subtle sentence?

Reading motivational and “how to” books I have frequently came across the word „autosuggestion”. I believe that, if you read them with an attitude different than the „look another book on my list”, you can truly find out some relevant to do’s regarding „the power of thought”.

Ok, so you might not have time to read this kind of books. How about movies? Once in a while you should go to the cinema – there are lots of interesting offers – and for sure you will see a mentor or a Sensei, teaching his pupil how to free the mind, get focus, visualise and act accordingly.

You are aware that no matter the physical place, your mind is continously working. In fact, i could say that it represents an entire workshop with valuable employees. Called neurons or electrical impulses, these employees of your mind have to work with 2 main types of ideas:
- Ideas coming from the theoretical thinking ruled by custom, external influences, school lessons, trainings on the job etc.
- Ideas inspired by your own genius thinking, which is adictive to the freedom you give to your own imagination.

I advice you to take 5 minutes and think about the workshop of your mind, as detailed as you can. Can you feel how it works? Can you identify the employees values and mission statements? Can you relate to the products and services offered – meaning ideas? And most important of them all: How satisfied is the final cliuent with the whole experience?

Thinking about messages that surround me and are similar with the one from the beggining of this article, I have understood that my life reflects how well works the workshop of my mind. The more positiove are my thoughts and the more authenticity I bring into the step of visualisation, the better they become part of my material life.

I know, easy said than done. But never the less, it is achievable… and if you think there are obstacles you can not managed, I am here as a coach to help you.