Business with some African rhythm

Sometimes you happen to see in movies how the tribal culture works, either in the African style, or Indian or other exotic geographic area. Do you remember how they live their lives according to one rhythm? Have you ever seen how much they love their life and the joy with which they do it? Are you familiar with that sound of drums echoing from deep down the Earth and reaching the Sky high?

Inspired from real life, these movie scenes present the though law of the jungle: the wisest man is the one to survive. It is not about physical force, it’s about how you wisely take decisions in order to have the warranty of life.

I know. You will ask how is this relevant for civilisation?

Let’s just say that the urban jungle has similar laws. In fact they double in intensity when you enter the professional jungle. Yes, you are diplomatic, respect your colleagues from the office, study hard the area of your activity, search for balance in your life – between the schedule at work, and the hours spent at home – … and sometimes something is missing, or it seem you came out short.

From my objective point of view, this is the moment when you are hunted down by the vicious beast in your life. It has been following you for some time now, and right when you think you got tired… hap.. it grabs you.

It has a name too: routine. And it’s that reason why every morning seem a fatigue duty; the evenings are exhausting; it takes your rest away for nothing. You hardly wait for the weekend to come and minutes later you complain that Monday is here.

If you have children, for sure you are familiar with the movie The Jungle Book, or maybe you have read Kipling’s story. At some point, the panther, Bagheera tells Mowgli that he has to live by the law of the jungle if he wants to survive it.

Do you know which is the law of your life? Which is the reason why you wake up in the morning saying hello to the world with a genuine smile on your face. You know, those mornings when you listen to the rhythm of life beyond any boring excuses!

I know you can do it. You only have to listen carefully. And ny advice is to start the intensive audition class right about now