Oana Chivu.

Group Director Dolphin Business Management

Executive Coaching

As Elena Capruciu’s client I am more than happy to recommend her services to any business looking for a professional coach aiming to achieve their biggest results.

My first collaboration with Elena took place in 2011, when initially I required her Executive Coaching services.

I most appreciate the focus on results and the amazing capacity Elena has to understand my needs and to adapt her working method to them, thus helping me to reach my desired results.

Thanks to the Executive Coaching sessions done with Elena Capruciu, my activity and my company’s results have improved considerably. For this reason I went further choosing her Team Coaching services.

Team Coaching

With Elena’s help, after a several coaching sessions, I have managed to increase the level of performance of my team members, their level of involvement and engagement. I have implemented changes in the team’s structure and got a relevant impact on the company’s financial results.

At this moment, my team is better organized, my people are much more motivated and involved in the process, each person acknowledging his / her role and making all the necessary effort to increase the general level of performances.

I will continue to use Elena’s coaching services, whenever is necessary, in order to be certain that my team develops in harmony and gains the maximum results possible.

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