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Business Coaching

Gerard O'DonovanNot only is she a most wonderful, caring and compassionate coach, she is also one of the most go getting and dynamic business people I have come across in Romania.

She is dedicated to creating success for her individual clients and the many companies she works with.
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Gerard O’Donovan, CEO - Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd & President - International Institute of Coaching

Executive Coaching

TomaszElena Capruciu has worked with me as coach since middle of 2014. During that time she helped me on my process of developing the ability to „Manage as a coach”, and helped me to improve my performance on the job and more general in life.

The most powerful discovery for me was to find out that „helping other people to have more fulfilling lives” is my life purpose. Read more>

Tomasz Lisewski - Philips Global Head of Marketing
I have found Elena and Dreams come TRUE just in time, before this mask could irreversibly affect my personal life as well.
This is how I have learned that if you express your emotions, and if people in your team can actually see your human face, it doesn’t mean that you are weak… as I used to consider
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Manager in Banking Sector
Ana Maria NedeleaIf there is something that I’ve realized about myself during this period is this: the power to be just the way you want lies only within. Even though Elena showed me the map, I have the compass.

In order to lose the notion of “no” from my vocabulary, the path was surely established with Elena’s help.
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Ana Maria Nedelea - UniCredit-Tiriac Bank
Gina_Irimia_2013There comes a moment in life when you feel the need to change, you feel like you can achieve greater results and yet there is something that keeps you from moving forward. Usually there are others to blame, such as the company who has a wrong strategy, or the colleagues who are not working “hard enough”. And when the professional goals are achieved, it is difficult to pass the limits of your success; you are in your comfort zone and it’s hard to leave it.

In 2012, I had the chance to realize how much more I can do, and for that, I needed help from a specialist. Therefore, I heard from a colleague about Elena Capruciu, and I have decided that is the right time to start to improve myself so I can get the results I know I can achieve.
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Gina Irimia - Director Retail - Libra Internet Bank
Luminita Marinas
Through this program, I learned to be more firm in professional relationships, I learned I have the power to say “no” and even help others understand the benefits of my “negative” response, depending on the situation, of course.
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Luminita Marinas - Human Resources Manager - Tehnoplus Medical
Marius Lazarescu There are some elements that made the difference and helped me implement some significant changes in my business: priorities that dictated my plans, the communication and relations with my employees, and last but not least, the impact that my professional life had on my personal life.
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Marius Lazarescu - General Manager - Today’s
Mihaela Catana We are all different. And yet…we have something in common: life! Well, sometimes we rush so much in our everyday lives and crowd our time with small and insignificant things, that we forget something very important: to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it!

Thank you, Elena, for helping me remember these things and that, thanks to your coaching sessions, I came to the understanding that every day is a new lesson in life. And now I am fully convinced that everything has a solution, regardless of the problem we’re facing - therefore there is no point in stressing ourselves out needlessly.

Mihaela Catana - Operations Manager - Piraeus Bank
I most appreciate the focus on results and the amazing capacity Elena has to understand my needs and to adapt her working method to them, thus helping me to reach my desired results.

Thanks to the Executive Coaching sessions done with Elena Capruciu, my activity and my company’s results have improved considerably. For this reason I went further choosing her Team Coaching services.
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Oana Chivu - Group Director - Dolphin Business Management

Customer Care Service Coaching

Elena Capruciu as a Coach is a kind and warm person, trust worthy, a very good listener, empathic and the person you can count on when you want to achieve a bold goal.

In fact, the decision to work with her wasn’t easy at all: she went through a demo, 2 evaluations and one to one meetings. But the decision to work together was an excellent one.
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Monica Toni - Human Resources Manager– A&D Pharma
Do you know how it feels when you are expecting an ordinary experience and the extraordinary happens? This was my meeting with Elena.

This lady, friendly and humble, works her “magic” in a very discrete way. Working with her one comes to acknowledge the factors that are sabotaging our efforts. And it gets better: you feel that all these insights, answers, solutions…come from you! “God, I’m good! I found the solution! And it was so easy!” you tell to yourself, forgetting that Elena was there to foster the process.
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Iris Andronache – Trainer – A&D Pharma
Elena Capruciu as our Business Coach was authentic, engaged and with high levels of empathy. I recommend to anyone uncertain of working with Elena, to accept a one hour demo in order to be able to see the true value of the coaching programs.

I highly recommend Elena Capruciu for any team that wants to grow thanks to/together with its members.
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Mihai Baciu – Senior Trainer – A&D Pharma

Team Coaching

DSCN5656 ET for book coverElena Capruciu has recently completed Leadership International Management’s Team Coach Certification Program and has demonstrated competence coaching teams. Elena has very high professional standards and will provide excellent team coaching to any client. She has my full endorsement and confidence.

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Ernie Turner – President - Leadership International Management
Ana ZahariaI believe everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to attend at least one Coaching session. The ones who have many questions will receive their answers, those who have none will be intrigued, and those who bear the world on their shoulders will realize that they are not alone, but that there are others who will help them bear that burden.

I learned many things about myself and my co-workers and I am sure this has helped me become a better professional and an even better person - I hope. My impression of Elena Capruciu, at the end of the Team Coaching: a perfect gardener of minds and hearts (flawlessly smart, professional and straightforward).
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Ana Zaharia – Service Manager – Tehnoplus Medical
Luminita Marinas We all like to say that teamworking makes things easier and is also very beneficial; yet often we have a hard time accepting others’ opinions and ideas, especially when they are contrary to our own. By participating in Dreams come TRUE Team Coaching program, I’ve really learned what a team means and I’ve experienced myself the benefits of teamworking.

It’s a wonderful experience to see how a team is built through each member’s efforts, to realize that you can establish common goals and that synergy actually works.
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Luminita Marinas – Human Resources Manager – Tehnoplus Medical
The only thing that comes to my mind now is the positive impact that the team-coaching activities had on our meetings… and the effect is still felt, as even at this time, we leave from our meetings amazed at the calm that pervade them!
Daniela Neagoe – Quality Manager - Tehnoplus Medical

Team coaching is one way you can understand how the people around you are thinking, what they want and how you can relate to them. As a team, you can become stronger, more united, more fused, if you know how to apply all the things that you learn. It pulls you out a little from your comfort zone, just to help you figure out what’s missing, what you need to do in order to get what you want, in any aspect.
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Team Coaching for Trouble Crew Romania

Team Building & Coaching Program

I obviously knew that 80% from manager’s problems are connected with human resources; if you solve them, you get the left 20%. We found out that the dynamics of a team can be influenced by factors we rarely take into consideration as managers.

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Manager in Banking Sector
Gina_Irimia_2013 The attitude of the participants after the Team Building & Coaching program, as well as their subsequent professional activity are clear evidence that I have made the right choice to work with Elena Capruciu and her enthusiastic and professional team.

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Gina Irimia – Director Retail – Libra Internet Bank

Career Coaching

Dragomir Alexandra

Elena’s coaching gave me confidence in myself. It created some healthy habits that I use today. Through coaching I realized for the first time who I am, understanding my bottlenecks and starting to work with them.

Interestingly enough, immediately after the coaching program opportunities started to rush in my life. I found out then that my career had no connection with the accounting area (although I had invested 4 years in my training), so I gave up the master: I had the courage to give up and to follow my dream.
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Alexandra Dragomir – Founder Ideas for Talent
Bianca PanturuDuring my first, yet short, coaching session in CROS Camp, Elena disrupted me quite badly. She showed me, harshly, the way my fears are perceived from outside and it was then that I started to understand that the power they had over me was not entirely justified. Along with the fall in CROS, I wished for her to by my coach. I had anticipated it was not going to be easy to go through this entire process that forces me to see things from a certain perspective, but it was something I needed.
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Bianca Panturu - Human Resources Manager - Tremend Software Consulting
Cezar TabacTill Elena Căpruciu I knew little about coaching. This is my first contact with the coaching process, both in life and in business. These two aspects are closely related to the life of any human being, whether employee or employer.

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Cezar Tabac - Entrepreneur
Rediscovering the parts that you didn’t think existed or that you didn’t like to think existed is the hardest part. When you realize that what you’ve been doing for so many years was in fact detrimental to you and that you were actually hindering yourself, then you are on the right path.

That’s what Elena did in my case: she helped me to no longer struggle with myself and to accept the fact that not everything that I was thinking was good for me.
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Cosmin-Alexandru Nedelea - Bank-Branch Manager
Capture Although I had no idea what coaching meant, the moment I have discovered I noticed that it made a perfect match with my researches at that time: search and discovery of self.

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Diana Constantin - Administrative Assistant - Procter & Gamble
Diana Gogot For me it was very impressive this development process and especially to work with Elena, who always managed to impress me by both professionalism and the attitude and her magnificent state of mind.

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Diana Gogot - Human Synergistics Romania

miruElena Capruciu, is one of those coaches that I know for certain will open up minds, change attitudes, eliminate the fears and frustrations and will achieve performance with those working with her. Read more ›

Miruna Andreea Leonte - Entrepreneur

After ten coaching sessions, with a more impressive resume, more confidence in myself and my own strength, not only did I find the job I wanted, but I also succeeded in getting it. I got a better position, a better salary and a job that I actually enjoy doing. Mission accomplished.
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Tatiana Jilavu – Banking department manager

Be a Coach

IMG_3191I have met Elena during my studies in the program Practitioner Coach Diploma - Noble Manhattan, where Elena is a mentor.

With her by my side I managed to trust my own abilities, changing my weaknesses into my strong points and learning useful coaching practices.
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Andrea Neag - Life Coach & Creative Wedding Planner

Alexandra Codleanu Testimonial DCTThe encounter with Elena Capruciu within Noble Manhattan Coaching School was a wonderful experience for me. In her quality of a Master Coach, Elena taught us how to create coaching from heart, soul and intuition, beyond academic expertise or classical models.

The Coaching Elena develops is transformational Read more>

Alexandra Codleanu - CoCreative Coach

P_20171029_130602_BFElena was a surprise for me, even though I had no expectations whatsoever. Or, you could say it was an unprecedented surprise.

The mentoring sessions I had with Elena could be described as a carousel ride. Read more ->

Valentina Culea - Coach

Iulia SorescuElena was my mentor for my Practitioner Coaching Diploma.

I appreciate her for giving me challenging topics. Read more ->

Iulia Sorescu - Life Coach & Trainer, Uprise Action


Ramona BucsaShe is the one who „dared” to put me in front of a mirror in order to show my qualities and my drawbacks, my weakness and my strenght. I wished my mentoring sessions with Elena would not reach an end, as I know I could have learn many more things from her: method, empathy, certitude and result!
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Ramona Bucsa - Special Project Coordinator Dress4Business & Coach

Laurian ZlotaI was lucky enough to have Elena Capruciu as my mentor, during the mentoring sessions at Noble Manhattan Coaching School Ltd.

Working with her was a true source of inspiration in beginning my path for this career. All surrounded by professionalism and willingness to share. Read more>

Laurian Zlota - Life & Business Coach, Coaching pentru Campioni

Catalin CucuElena was my coach mentor during my practice at Noble Manhattan. But, would you like to hear something interesting? Elena will continue to be my mentor.
Elena is the challnge. Elena is the question. Elena is the answer. Elena is the child. Elena is the adult. Elena lifts you up. Elena takes you down, in order to get up again. Elena is the coach.
Thank you, Elena!

Catalin Cucu - Coach

Elena challenged me in a positive way so that I could finish my training in coaching. Until the moment I met Elena I did not BELIEVE in this instrument.

There is an interesting mix of persuasion and patience in Elena’s work, that takes you out of your comfort zone.

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Cristian Ghera - Coach

Olivia Nicula_NMC (2)Elena was my support in understanding the fact that people are vulnerable and fragile when it comes to be a client in a coaching program. I learned the importance of paying attention to the closure of each coaching session, by showing elegance and professionalism through preparing the client reach the end of the session, and not be very abruptly, leading to possible causes of frustration.


Olivia Nicula - Student Support and Course Advisor, Noble Manhattan Coaching

Cristina StancoviciA coach must reach his/her self that is left hidden because there one can find the true potential to create. Once reached this side, something amazing will happen that will enable the resources we never knew we had.


Cristina Stancovici – Coach Trainee; Purchasing Manager, Federal Mogul Motorparts
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