Monica Toni.

Human Resources Manager – A&D; Pharma

The team that participated in this program had as dream/ business objective to develop their communication skills, to get an unified Customer Care Consultant team, given that it was a newly created team, with young people coming from different backgrounds.

The main objective was for Customer Care Consultants team to understand and develop their skills of giving feedback and engage into active listening.

Everyone who participated was at a first experience of this kind, therefore the reaction was of amazement, and mine of confidence that things will happen. The cooperation of the participants and mine as well (facilitated by the Coach) helped us to get to know each other, to try to establish and approach a common language, to share from our own stories and experiences, thus gaining trust.

Elena Capriciu as a Coach is a kind and warm person, trust worthy, a very good listener, empathic and the person you can count on when you want to achieve a bold goal. In fact, the decision to work with her wasn’t easy at all: she went through a demo, 2 evaluations and one to one meetings. But the decision to work together was an excellent one.

YES, dreams can come true, it is up to you how much you want it and how do you take charge of it. The space has been created, now it is very important how each person wants to continue their introspection and to apply in the future with conviction and perseverance.

For those who want to try out the Dreams Come TRUE Coaching by Elena Căpruciu programs my advice is this:
to be opened, to trust themselves first of all, and then the Coach facilitating the program.

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