Gina Irimia.

Director Retail – Libra Internet Bank

Executive Coaching

Gina_Irimia_2013There comes a moment in life when you feel the need to change, you feel like you can achieve greater results and yet there is something that keeps you from moving forward. Usually there are others to blame, such as the company who has a wrong strategy, or the colleagues who are not working “hard enough”. And when the professional goals are achieved, it is difficult to pass the limits of your success; you are in your comfort zone and it’s hard to leave it.

In 2012, I had the chance to realize how much more I can do, and for that, I needed help from a specialist. Therefore, I heard from a colleague about Elena Capruciu, and I have decided that is the right time to start to improve myself so I can get the results I know I can achieve.

When I started the Executive Coaching program, I was a bit fearful, but my instinct told me that this collaboration will change my life. I know it seems hard to believe, but my life actually changed. Elena discovered really fast which were my self-imposed limits and she guided me in the most professional way to acknowledge the true values that lead me to success.

I have discovered what kind of manager I was and how my actions and non-actions were limiting the results of my sales teams.

I remember how Elena’s questions were changing my perspective upon a specific thing or situation. I had moments when I remained speechless and it was enough for me to look at Elena and realize that I am not alone, that she was there to support me. I have discovered that magic actually exists and it’s up to us to do things differently, to have greater results and be happy with ourselves. Elena thought me how to grow, how to become a strong and beautiful woman.

For me, this program worked, and I am convinced that will work for you too. My colleagues, my husband, my friends had noticed the change, the results were greater than I have imagined, and the employees were more willing to have better results themselves so they can help the organization and overcome their goals.

After Elena Capruciu’s coaching program, my success continued growing. Once you overcome your blockages, the results will come without hesitation at all levels of your life.

Elena helped me and she was always beside me, so I can become a better person, with more confidence in myself and the people around me.

Thank you, Elena!

And for everybody else who will read this, and you haven’t worked with Elena Capruciu, I recommend you allow yourself to try the first session. It is the best investment you can make in yourself, in your success and your happiness.

Team Building & Coaching

The most recent occasion on which I’ve worked with the Dreams come TRUE – Business Coaching by Elena Capruciu was during the Team Building & Coaching Program from March 2024.

Then I had the opportunity to witness all my positive expectations being met and even exceeded.

To be more precise, in March 2024 I’be organized a meeting with the best corporate and liberal professions salespersons in the Libra Internet Bank team. We very much wanted to offer them a new approach to professional and personal development and we therefore turned to Team Building & Coaching, a program coordinated by Elena Capruciu.

The way in which the session was conceived and put into practice offered me numerous reasons for admiration:

  • Elena opened the session in a very natural way; the participants discovered common ground for discussion and had the feeling that they have known each other “for ages”.
  • Throughout the entire session, there was an atmosphere of genuine, open and friendly communication which allowed our employees to focus and work actively towards the established objectives.
  • The trainer asked very well placed, specific questions which helped our people express their concerns and the obstacles they have come across in the business environment, thus allowing them to find solutions for becoming persistent achievers.
  • Elena suported the participants to become aware of their internal resources which are needed in order to achieve their sales objectives.
  • The organized discussions through role plays and all kind of exercises, lead to the development of responsible behaviours and to the assimilations of the company’s objectives. The emphasis was placed upon the development of teamwork and leadership culture, facilitating people’s accountability and a working atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
  • At the end, the participants received information to develop their ability of sharing the tools which they acquired during the coaching session with the other team members of their branch, in order to improve the team results.
  • The salespersons left the session in a highly energetic and enthusiastic mindset. Each of them discovered new tools for approaching clients and achieving objectives.

The attitude of the participants after the Team Building & Coaching program, as well as their subsequent professional activity are clear evidence that I have made the right choice to work with Elena Capruciu and her enthusiastic and professional team.

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