Perspectives: My life is beautiful

You see, something interesting about perspective is the idea that each person is leaving his mark in every situation.

And there are many things we can take into account, for example:

batranul_raul- tipping very fast is a fascinating thing for my colleagues, while for me is trivial - maybe because I do it everyday, or because I had some special training and learned some techniques.

- it may occur to you that the message of a movie is very inspiring, while your friend can only comment on how the director thought to address it. and that’s all, he will never see what was that inspired you.

- for the seller the price is fair enough because he knows what the product can do, but for a customer who discovers the product for the first time, it may seem a little bit over rated.

- what passion is for me, for you definitely will represent something else.

- what I hear she is telling me, I can easily reformulate based on my way of thinking.

And many other aspects that I know are familiar to you.

Perspective is on one hand related to understanding, on the other hand on communication… but, have you ever considered that it is all about personal touch all the time?

Ok, I know…it sounds interesting… What does it mean to have a personal touch on a perspective?

My answer, is another question for you: What do you think it means? Please write down on a piece of paper the first 3 things that pop into your mind when you think at it.


Perfect. I am most certainly convinced that I agree with what you wrote. I would also add the following:

From my perspective, a personal touch refers to how we alter a message when we pass it through the filter of our own thoughts, experiences, results, failures, beliefs and values​​.

I would like to know what kind of neighbors are our definitions. So I am looking forward for your comments.

Now that we have clarified what personal touch means, let’s see how are built the perspectives for the subject of the year, or even century if you want: I want to have a beautiful life, happy and fulfilled.

From what I’ve seen, it’s an interesting coaching topic, because every time you meet unique situations. Both in Life Coaching programs, and Business Coaching I had clients who wanted to work with this subject. I discovered insights and perspectives different from one person to another.

What I can tell you, is that now, as you read these lines, those clients of mine, dear people, really enjoy the beautiful life they posses. All because they had the courage to create it, and they had the will to work continuously on the layout.

viata frumoasa

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People around you manage to understand your perspective? Can you inspire them? If so, I’m very happy for those around you … and for you 🙂 If not … and you think you need help you know where to find me;)