Pancakes of results

The holliday season is open, so where I look I see a post update or a thought on „my office for the week” or any other idea similar to „how woderful is to work from the seaside, up to the top of the mountain”. Sometime ago it was a dream or praising means.

One day when I realised that:

When I work, feeling good with who I am and what I do makes sense for me, so I’ve stopped using the label „work”!

Moreover, the reward corresponds to the joy and enthusiasm I invest in those actions.

Bringing real value and meaning to my activity, to the relation I have with colleagues and business partners, or whomever I interact with… proves to me clearly that I can work gladly, no matter the amount of personal energy I have to use. It is worthwhile, only if the are joy and good mood involved in the process. I think I would add ability as well :)

In a crowded environment governed by stress, you will endorse results only when you will manage to relax and keep your expectations realistic. When the harmony settles in, even for a short term, you will understand how you managed to reach your objectives.

It’s like making a pancake. If you hurry and keep the lumps in your dough, the final taste will be compromised no matter how much cream you add.

If you use up all your efforts in doing them right, you invest some patience and loooots of creativity – adding fruits and ice cream, for example, or any other crazy combination you love – for sure you will be 10 times more satisfied by the results of your own intentions.

From dreaming to reality there is 1 step. The step must be taken in a leap of supreme faith and complete intention for what you wish for, otherwise you will lose both the dream and the life.