The grasshopper and the ant

Because we live in a material – money king – world, one reasonable question hard-working people ask is: why do I get up in the morning to work?

Like in the famous fable The grasshopper and the Ant, the entire summer he sang, and she worked hard. When the fall came with its harsh time, the grasshopper was begging for small shards to survive, while the ant had everything she need to live a comfortable life in that moment.

On the labour market, the profit regardless of its money value, is an indicator that your company has the winter supplies it needs, just like the ant, not the struggling of the grasshopper.

How well do your action plans work right now, with a print over your actual income?

A very good method to solve this question is to assess the process from an objective point of view, and a coach could be the person you need. He or she can support the actual evaluation and can help you evolve just like you dream… obviously keeping a realistic, or better said structured state of mind.

Instead of using the grasshopper method waiting for the summer to pass by and then go to the ant, wouldn’t it be wonderful to roll up you sleeves and get to work? Right now! Are you with me?