Near the gates of Heaven, somewhere on Earth…

Could there live people who truly believe that after the storm the sun will shine again? Who know that from time to time rain is pure health, and thus it’s welcomed with wide arms.

You know, on rainy days you have to bring in a valuable contribution to the world, by opening a colored umbrella, or by leaving a supportive post’it to the colleague running late due to traffic jam or… just by living in the present!

So what the weather outside is cold, and it rains, and you can read a newspaper headline warning you that there is a virus on the loose? It can quite as well stay away or go to whoever will accept it. I have so much to do, and I am planning to surf the wave of achievement, not lose it because some bad weather. Will you join me?

I know how yesterday looked like: a complete challenge as I choose it to be. I know that today was divine, I actually had 1 minute when I’ve stopped, done nothing much: just closed my eyes and listened to what the flowers in the room had to whisper.

Well, what they had to say it is a secret you know… I’m sorry, but only those who remember to stop for a moment, relax and breathe… because they will pick up the pace easily afterwards. I wonder, are you a fortunate one?

:) While you define your next steps in your action plan, and regain balance, let’s have a tea with lots of vitamin C and action oriented thoughts. Will you join me?