Values in the Mirror

Several years ago I saw a TV series with a young girl who used a mirror as a gateway to past times. I was watching full shows in which she went through that mirror, starting all sorts of adventures that kept me there in front of the TV eager to see what happened.

You might as well have no clue of which show I am talking… or maybe it sounds familiar to you… or better yet, you know it – please do remind me its title. Anyway, what I am trying to say is this: the mirror we have in our house is always honest, don’t ever doubt it.

Your mirror will never take you to past times, but it shows who you are now, with or without make up, ready to leave or just returning from work.

The only one who can have objections is you. Ohh, in that case I pity your affected spirits!

You should trust the person you have in front of you; that face in the mirror looking straight in your beautiful eyes. Many times that person acts according to some values she respects. Yes, precisely! Those values you remember you have when you try to react.

There are various typologies of values, but they come and go in your life according to your priorities, to what makes sense for you at that particular point in time, not that used to, nor that will use to.

You reach to a mile stone and maybe for you what matters the most is to be authentic, you learn to move through your fears and to respect life, to love simplicity in its complexity and to trust that at the end of the day you remain yourself – not their projections over you, nor their expectations or limited ideals they have for you. Simply you, whoever that is.

I salute you every time I pass you by, because it’s you!… who are you? Well, You!