Its a trend: mindfulness!

Some while ago I have spent my weekend in an workshop dedicated to the life lived in consciousness simply and beautifully. The group included wonderful people interested to live the best type of life they could have, therefore together we have tried to understand what mindfulness stand for.

The Oxford dictionary present it as:

  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
    „their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Otherwise said, mindfulness means:

to enjoy the beast type of life you could have when you feel at ease, relaxed, present, and having your mind and heart open to evolution.


Now, if we look at how the word is composed, we could easily observed that there are two important aspects to be mentioned:

mind” or brain and
fullness” or completion

if you connect the puzzle pieces, you will come to realize that the whole concept of mindfulness is related to the habit we could develop of using our mind at its full capacity.

From simple stages to complicated ones, and vice versa, I could say that life really is beautiful, even when something happens and you are challenged, it becomes hard to cope with everything or to find a way out.

Beauty, solutions, positiveness and negativity - they all swim in this pool we call mind. The interesting part is that we have the power to decide who is allowed to use the pool and who not! Basically, wise men recommend to put an restriction order on negative thoughts, criticism, punishments and unproductive ideas.

Tree of Half Life

What have I concluded during this workshop, and I think could be of great use to you, are the following recommendations:

1. Always be careful with the choices you make for living your life! everything you say, think and experience are the mere result of what is on top in your mind.

2. keep away from your mind the anger and ignorance so that you can have the liberty to live now, as conscious as possible.

3. take every good thing from your life experiences and events. You see, we are beings that reach for perfection, who live in a world of continuous change. Perfectly! 🙂

Tell me, do you have the guts to look into the mirror, to observe everything that you hate about yourself - those traits that don’t allow you to feel great now and say with a sincere smile on your face: wow, it could have been worse 🙂 Or maybe, you prefer the statement: wow, I am on the right track!

4. take action and refresh your mental programming, because we are so used to offer liberty and power to what irritates us, in the detriment of the value adding ones.


Ok, ok… I know there are many other things worth mentioning. We could be discussing for a lifetime… and what then? When you grow old we could be having a memorable discussion active and the lust for: I would have loved to do this and that, only to realize that life has passed by. Let’s leave it now, mindfully….

Let’s start integrating the 4 points from above in our daily life.

I dare you to see how they work, if we start to apply them starting this New Year. Let’s Restart our Collective Mind and bring an update on how to live it mindfully. All, together, now!