The notion of energy is found in many areas: from physics to spirituality, and is based on Greek formulation ενέργεια (Energhia) which simply means activity.

If you miss reasons to have energy, here are a few that joins both a lifestyle focused on career, as well as one that puts value on the balance professional - personal life:

Energy to do everything you set your mind on and to enjoy the results

Energy to be the best in your area of activity.

Energy to impress through your originality.

Energy to smile even when you are passing through rough times.

Energy to use efficiently your time: even it is for long and necessary meetings, or to follow deadlines and unexpected tasks.

Energy to spend time with family and friends.

Energy to start each day with enthusiasm.

Energy to feel the best, at work or home, in traffic or in vacation.

Energy to enjoy people you meet and the talks at which you participate.

Energy to have the courage to start, to continue and/or to finish up an idea, a plan, anything your heart desire.

Energy to dream and to have big goals.

Energy to get the strength, power and status you wish to attain.

Energy to be happy and to feel fulfilled.

Energy in order to really be Successful.

Energy to enjoy the liberty found in the Universe.