Mission. Vision. Values.

When you say Dreams Come True Business Coaching by Elena Căpruciu you can think about the Walt Disney’s dream world becoming a reality. Thanks to the authentic reality offered through coaching I invite you to think at the achievements that you can bring in your life, for any level: to be, to do, or have.


I invite you to look at what you have accomplished so far, to feel how it was to solve the challenges you’ve been through and to please ask you to give yourself some credit for everything you have accomplished.

What you become is the most precious gift that you can receive now.

What will bring added value in the quality of your life is the fact that you know who you are and where you’re going, and work intensely to get there.


Usually people who feel good about themselves produce good results, and by producing good results they feel good about themselves.

So what I want to do now is to support you, to bring you to that specific chain reaction.

In order to help you to go there, the first step is bringing satisfaction in your life and making you feel good about yourself. And when you start to feel good about yourself, you will produce good results - and these good results will make you feel even better with you - and so on.

Remember this: you’ll get what you want. Search and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. This is the way your brain works. When you have control of this mechanism, you can change your options. Think and develop new questions, questions that can give you power, questions that lead you towards evolution.


I invite you to reflect on this simple truth: The whole world can be changed at any time with a simple new question. You can change how you feel, the way you think, the inertia in which you and your destiny are, by continually asking new questions.

New questions develop a new confidence which completely changes your self-image, changes your behavior, and changes the direction of your focus. The questions are the source from which you get the power that can change your life.

I can achieve anything if I work hard at it. I can overthrow any score if I work really hard. My value was and is appreciated by me depending on how intense I work.

I really want to make a contribution as valuable in this world. I want to be inspired by the kindness of others. I like the idea of generation, exploration, and communication, of knowledge and experience in a way that people feel fulfilled, making sense to them, so they can evolve even more.

The world is as you see it. Your mind is the source of all your experiences - if you do not like what happens to you in your life, change what happens in your mind. I am here besides you. I’m glad we have met 🙂

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