Who we are?


Dreams Come True - Coaching was founded by Elena Căpruciu in 2007 and provides Life & Business Coaching services for corporations, entrepreneurs, managers and professional who want their dreams to come true.

With Bogdan Taşcău, Ina Cristina Stanciu, Miruna Andreea Leonte, Alexandra Dragomir and many other wonderful coaching angels, Dreams Come True Coaching: develops and promotes the coaching activity in Romania by offering customized programs for companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs through workshops on personal and professional development.

Dreams Come True Coaching support people to identify their hidden resources, to release their full potential in order to achieve whatever they want physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and professionally.

Why work with us?

The most important thing is to continue working with you. This has certainly been my experience; the more I’ve learned about my patterns, limitations, unhelpful behaviors and beliefs, and about what helps and how change works for me – the better equipped I am to help others.

I’ve learned that being an exceptional coach, you must become an extremely good listener, as well as a highly skilled questioner. I discovered that both skills are much more complex and difficult to achieve then people generally think.

And another essential aspect, to respect other viewpoints, for what they do, for what makes sense for them, in the light of what they believe, think or perceive to be true at that time. This creates a solid base for building a good rapport and gaining trust. If you provide better resources, they will automatically make better choices.

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