Manager as Coach.

"Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny!" ~ Kin Hubbard


re you ready?

There is a subtle skill that would be good to become an indispensable part of the structure of each manager (and generally every person): How soon can you return to a state of „ready”? How easily and quickly can you relax and focus again when needed?

How capable are you to create an open, aware, balanced and centered mood in order to accommodate new information, processing it and afterwards taking the right decisions?

When something is taking over your attention, it bothers you, ennoyes you, disgust or excites you, it is a sign that it is time to get rid of such feelings, to clear your mind and get involved in new activities adequately with a fresh perspective and a subject that should be considered.

How can you develop a system to promote a style of work and personal life that is ongoing and easily switched on ready?


  • Leaders who trust in those who have been asked to lead them.
  • People who create a work environment where everyone feels he has some personal responsibility and that is part of it.
  • Those who allow all others to act, without feeling the need to get impressed.
  • Those who can through a smile or a gesture inform the group they lead, that they trusts in their ability to fix things.
  • Those who create to others necessary conditions to get inspired and achieve their own success.

„Even after all this time, the Sun will not say to Earth: You owe me!”

  • You learn to focus on understanding the inner self, rather than the way of thinking and behavior of others.
  • You train yourself to evaluate your level of self-control, turning your gaze inward and seeing the world and your place in it in a new light.
  • The power over others is replaced by an inner power that authorizes you to behave based on wisdom gained by changing the way of thinking.
  • When you will realize that you are responsible for your reactions at any time, the others will cease to have any power and control over you.

Choose a few situations where are involved the people you have been appointed to lead or monitor, to become an active observer.

Nods, smile, frown or make any gesture without saying anything, in the moments when other time you would have been very prompt.

Observe the impact your active observation had over those you were appointed to lead.

The individual or group Manager as a Coach Program Coaching Sessions Pack includes:

  • 12 group / individual coaching sessions, each lasting 180 / 60 minutes.
  • E-mail support in between the sessions.
  • Feedback / homework from one session to another.
  • At the end of the program, when you have new goals to accomplish, you can continue to receive these coaching benefits through individual or group sessions, for as long as you need.
  • The sessions are being held at the clients office and are available in Romanian and English.
  • The first session – strategy coaching – is PRO BONO.

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