Career Coaching.

"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow!" ~ Norman Vincent Peale



hen people apply a method that brings in daily balance and harmony in their life, no matter what happens, they walk on a more accessible path towards their intuition and creativity.

They get better at processing information, coordinating their mind with their feelings, focusing on results and having faith in the decisions that address future actions.

They implement a systematic approach regarding their own behavior and work, which is better than relying on improvisations that could get them out of stress and crisis situations.

People are more relaxed when they know for sure that they have installed a system which handles any situation. The moment they feel more relaxed, is the moment when everything goes well.

They achieve more, with less effort and with various side effects meant to improve the outcomes and quality of life.


  • Those willing to handle better unfinished business;
  • People wanting to increase their creativity, to become more expansive and who are ready to release their intuition;
  • Anyone wanting to have a more structured and focused mind, being flexible and relaxed in the same time;
  • Those ready to accept the challenge of using the knowledge they possess, in a more conscious and purposeful way.

  • You find out how a job can be done at superior levels of productivity;
  • You start crossing the path at your full rates and understand how the world works;
  • As you digest and start using these principles, you increase the chances to bring an important contribution in your working environment and turn your life around for better!

  • Career coaching creates subtle changes in your perception, fact that will generate changes in your behavior, and obviously in your action plan. One consequence is that you improve your results.
  • Occur positive transformations and repositioning.
  • By working together we get back to the same essential truths, and thanks to explorations we reach to the new dimension - the one of awareness, travelling on new and deeper paths.
  • The emerging ideas – without any doubt – will open more doors and will lead toward new discoveries.
  • One level of understanding will make room to another one, and then another, and another and so expansion will keep on. I hope you will share my view and see this as a starting point, not a final act.

The individual Career Coaching Sessions Pack includes:

  • 12 face-to face, over the phone or Skype coaching sessions of 60 minutes each.
  • E-mail support in between the sessions.
  • Feedback / homework from one session to another,
  • At the end of the program, when you have new goals to accomplish, you can continue to receive these coaching benefits through individual sessions, for as long as you need.
  • The sessions are being held at the clients office and are available in Romanian and English
  • The first session – strategy coaching – is PRO BONO.

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