Life in rainbow colors

ROGVAIV is the magical formula. In fact, we can say that is a chemical mixture, combined with lots of wonder and magical staff, n’est-ce pas?

They are only 7  wonder colors which are flooding us. You can  see them in the raindrops, in the multicolored reflections of the same world, and sometimes with a little attention we can discover them in the eyes of  the loved ones.

The rainbow’ colors are the soul happiness colors. When everything is good for you, wherever you go, it’s obvious that you  have gained the lessons of playing with them, even if is not raining.

Scientifically speaking, a colorful rainbow on the sky, is a phenomena which appears as a result of angles and reflections, when the Sun Light and the rain drops are coming together and embracing each other.

I also think is a long vision subject in place. Some people recommend that every day of the week to be associated with only one color. Maybe you will keep dominant only that chosen color and leave it the 1 st rank on your mind, or in your attitude.

Well done. Maybe the dress code from the office will not allow you such a wide chromatic multitude. Yet the attitude oriented towards TO BE and to be constantly fulfilled it is an alternative, good to be followed. What do you think?