Meetings on a silent mood

Blog Business Coaching NewsPublished September 2, 2023 at %I:%M %p No Comments
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I am positive that you are familiar with that feeling of the “calm before the storm” when something really important is due to happen. Even though there is an entire theory regarding this state of mind I will not give it to discussion in the following.

I know that you have knowledge on the cultural differences there are among people working together. I agree with you, we live in a world where the last frontier, the world wide web, eliminates the impediment of miles with just a click.

Most often, these cultural differences have nationality as a core resource – where we can find education, way of thinking and human character. For example, in a multinational company the nationality conflicts are similar to a Monopoly game: everybody wants to have Boardwalk, but they forget they actually are in the game to win it.

What is different from Monopoly is the fact that in this type of companies the element of “meeting” is recorded on a daily basis. The rhytm is so fast that if you are not proper trained you will miss Go… and unfortunatelly you will have to stay a turn or two!

There are pasional meeting, because every member is dedicated to his own ideas, attributions, small success and failures.. and the right attitude on focuse is like a game of hot coals in the fire place.

There can be poker meetings, where every gesture, sound or position is analyzed and over-analyzed. And there are meeting where we enter with a discussion plan, and from where we leave more confused than earlier.

And YES, there are wonderful meetings, when people communicate, listen to each other… and the most important trait I would say, they respect one another. The length of such meetings is related to the objectives set forward and the desire to stay solution focused, rather than wasting time on unproductive excuses.

Do you know which is the secret of these wonderful meetings?

That is right, the title of this post is not just a metaphor. Silence is sometimes the key for really overwhelming professional dilemmas. When you take time to think a reflect upon the subject – you immediately sign the petition for smart decisions.

Often silence create the environment for success. It is a switch to connection, not separation. In a team where there is communication, the silence is golden.

It is something similar with those nights spent in the park when you are impressed by nature’s beauty. When the full moon raises up on the sky, and the trees let her shine over the land, it is more than obvious that they had a very interesting meeting. Their involvement is dedicated to an end goal: the amazement in your eyes which reaches to your heart.

If you do not believe me, pick an evening when leaving the office you stop for a walk in the park close to you. There you can think what would have happened if at the drawing board they didn’t agree, or if the decisions were taken with half of heart and trust.

Then, in your next meeting I would suggest to take a look at the agenda with at least 10 minutes in advance so that you can decide to be less passive and more brilliant J

I know you can do it… and I am certain that you will love your walk in the park. This is why, I hope you will write to me to tell how a certain meeting made you feel. Who knows? I am more than sure that afterwards we will get to Skype chat for 20 minutes.

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