Executive Coaching

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Director…Leader…Entrepreneur…Manager… CEO… President…

Some people are more successful than others in business. Sometimes is hard to “climb” the ladder of success. It involves quite a lot of sacrifices. Actually higher you climb, more sacrifices you are about to make. And unfortunately the sacrifices are related also to less time for you, for your family and your friends.

You wonder: is there something you can do about this?


Focus on those things that matter to you most. A coach is there for you to offer you support. You are the one that will effect the change, at your own pace.

Thus, through Executive Coaching individual sessions you will begin to have a constant balance between your professional and personal life.

Undoubtedly you have strengths as well as aspects that need improvement. My goal is to help you succeed in appreciating your strengths and understanding those parts of yourself that need some working upon.

If you really want to make your dreams come true, I will accompany you along the way, so you can become:

  • A leader who motivates his team, who becomes an inspiration to those around him.
  • A successful businessman, who doesn’t hide in an office because he understands that business means interpersonal relations.
  • Always better in order to keep improving your work and never settle for mediocrity.
  • A really good communicator, who carefully and sincerely discusses and listens to the people he works with. He monitors his business closely because that’s the way of reaching results.
  • A person who creates and succeeds in maintaining relations. Someone who is genuinely nice to people and treats them with respect.
  • Easily adaptable to changing conditions and increasing competition. Dynamic. Flexible. Wise. Bold.
  • Sincere and authentic: To be a leader doesn’t mean to be popular. It means to do the right thing. To take difficult decisions and to speak openly. “Many great people build their monuments with the stones that critics throw at them. They personify courage in action”.
  • Full of enthusiasm and energy: To live for that particular purpose, that dream, that destiny which makes you get up in the morning with lots of enthusiasm!
  • Personally responsible for the success of the company you work for.
  • Excellent in your profession.

EXECUTIVE COACHING – key words: Leadership; Competitive Advantage; Personal Efficiency; Performance; Real Communication; Creative thinking

  • Through this program there are defined the objectives at Executive level, in order to be able to achieve actual business results, clear and measurable.
    • The success in building link in and in between the company’s teams. Finding solutions for motivating and raising the moral of your employees.
    • Accelerating your career path with a more clear and focused image on How you can continue your development.
  • It respects your weekly and daily action plan, which correctly implemented it helps you to rapidly gain results in your objectives and organizational plan.
  • Among the immediate benefits of executive coaching Coaching program the are to be noted down: positive changes and relevant for your relation with your colleagues and your clients.
  • The development of the ability make better and wuicker decisions in situation when it was difficult: solving old conflicts . On this way you reduce the stress level of your life.
  • Efficiency development and giving a sense, clarity and harmony when connecting your thoughts with your actions; having zero personal conflict.

A standard program of Executive Coaching includes minimum 12 sessions of one hour, meetings held on a timeline of 3 up to 5 months.

There could be added workshops and team coaching sessions when key aspects relating to the “human touch” are addressed and which are determinant for the individual management success.

The Dreams come TURE Coaching program by Elena Capruciu is dedicated to executives and managers who have obtained results in their activity and now are facing a period of personal or business changes, or who have recently been promoted in their position with an even higher degree of responsibilities, or for all of those people having leadership positions, and are willing to develop even further their career and to create a positive star in their accelerated evolution.

The Dreams come TRUE Executive programs by Elena Capruciu are held at the clients office and are available in the Romanian and English languages.

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    Very true! Makes a sense to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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