The attitude towards Money

Money is a resource that helps you to evolve, to innovate, to grow and to contribute to your well being and of others.

Whether cash or placed in all kinds of investments, caught in bank accounts or waving in the wallet, they are part of our lives. In fact, is one of the strongest subjects and divide the human society into several categories of people:

– people willing to spend driven by emotional decisions (to go to the movies, to make a gift to a dear person) or rational (maintenance, rent, light, visit to the doctor’s, bread, etc.).

– people who prefer to save every penny dreaming to invest them at some point in a project or in a broader acquisition (a more expensive car, a nicer home, etc.).

– those who invest, build, risks, win and then reinvest and so on.

How would be a world without money? Can you imagine how you would buy the clothes you wear, the daily food, the house you love or anything costing a sum of money and in return it raises the happiness scale? How would you feel in this world and how you feel today when treating the topic „Money”?

I wonder why Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars sings with so much fire for when they’ll be billionaires?? There are people extremely happy with the little they have, people less happy in their wealth and vice versa. What they have in common? I can tell you: a certain attitude toward money.

The next question is: What is your attitude toward money? What are your limiting beliefs that give money their power? Are you happy with the relationship that you have with them? You can observe it in how you use your money for YOU or in how they are missing because of other priorities that are more or less in tandem with your desires?

Returning to the first sentence, money is a resource with different uses, you simply have to fully understand their instruction manual, because they support you to evolve, to innovate, to grow and to contribute to the welfare of those around you and your own.