Trouble Crew Romania.

Alexandru Damian – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

For me coaching was the step that I needed to take, first of all, in order to get to know myself better, and also to understand how to get positive results.

With Elena Capruciu’s help we finally managed to come to an agreement within our team in the different situations we encountered; we managed to get to know each other better, to know what problems our colleagues are faced with and now we can actually help each other whenever the occasions arise.

I can say that ever since I started the coaching program I know much better what I want from myself, I know what I can do in order to get something and I am much more positive!

Andreea Carmen Mihaesi “DeDe”- Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Through coaching, I managed to communicate much better with those around me, to know how to talk to each person so that they can perceive clearly the information I am trying to convey to them; to listen very carefully to what others are saying to me, to respect their opinions and decisions, to intervene in their lives with advice or help only if they are open to talk about it and ask for my help.

For myself I learned to be positive, to accept myself, respect and appreciate myself – something that I couldn’t do before, to control my thoughts and feelings; to no longer “try”, but “succeed”. 🙂

On the professional level I see my colleagues from different perspectives; as a team I learned to analyze and limit myself only to a common subject with everyone until what we debate over gets solved.

Also, through coaching I helped many important persons in my life, including my family – by becoming an example myself. I was afraid of change, of myself – I chose to make a change for the better – better for myself, better for the people around me

Andreea Cristina Iordan – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

“Coaching – what is it good for?”

You probably ask yourself that question when you read about it. First of all I can tell you that it helps you a lot in getting to know yourself….seeing what really goes on in your mind…learning to always think positive and to have the strength to assert yourself in any circumstance, because it’s possible that your opinion really counts and could be an actual help at that given moment.

Secondly it helps you regain your self-CONFIDENCE…. which, in all honesty, I really no longer had….for different reasons…and which, thanks to coaching, I regained.

The most important thing is that when you come upon good information for your life you should follow and apply it, because that’s the only way you can fulfill your dreams.

In my opinion, coaching can also be defined as a way of life.

Andreea Manole – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Coaching: know yourself first, so that you can know and understand others.

Coaching was of tremendous help to me. I started fairly recently and now I can say I am more receptive to many different things, I am more caring to people around me and more at peace with myself.

Team coaching is one way you can understand how the people around you are thinking, what they want and how you can relate to them. As a team, you can become stronger, more united, more fused, if you know how to apply all the things that you learn. It pulls you out a little from your comfort zone, just to help you figure out what’s missing, what you need to do in order to get what you want, in any aspect.

What I’ve learned: everything, absolutely everything, depends on you! You are your only master, the only one in control of your life. And one more thing: You are the only person hindering you from getting to where you want, so the winner mentality will make you a winner.

Andrei Musat – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

For me Coaching is the method towards accessing many possible answers that sometimes I need. I can classify it as the road to success, fulfillment, and even to restructure my thinking and judgment. This process helped me very much as a person first of all.

With Elena’s help, through coaching, I have managed to change many of my defects or, otherwise said, thinking problems I had. It helped me to become a better person, to enjoy more, and to be less judging in every situation. It also helped me to control my anger and violence supported by the hardships of my life and the life style I had created against my will. Coaching has helped me to solve the problems laying in my mind without a solution.

From being an average man, I became a more special person gaining in time some qualities. By studying I have reached the point of being aware in every second of the capacity of my body and strength.

As an athlete I can say that coaching is very beneficial for a team. Team coaching consolidates a team or reveals what separate it and one thing is sure, brings truth to the surface and defines slowly the weak links within a team.

It’s the kind of activity that opens your eyes to the many ways that you can address alone; is the source that enables you to answer your own questions or provide useful answers, logical and effective. And if I were to define this activity as short as possible I would say that: „coaching is the way towards better”.

Bogdan Tudorin – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

To me coaching meant learning things I was not sure about and that I can express myself freely if I have a problem. And it was an opportunity to understand what steps I should take in order to do the right thing, both in my life-style and my job.

As a dancer, Elena’s Team Coaching has been a tremendous help to me. She helped me discover and build up my courage and self-confidence, to overcome my fears related to the public or TV cameras. It helped me understand that it’s worth to keep fighting and not give up on the things I worked so hard to build up to this moment.

Cristina Diatcu – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

First of all, through this type of coaching I managed to understand and believe in the quote: „YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!”

I learned that what we think becomes our reality. I put it into practice and it proved to be true! I started with small things, and now I want to make progress in this area.

It helped me personally and it helps the team I am part of: Trouble Crew.

It helps me to get to know myself and discover my abilities and my shortcomings.

It taught me to think clearly in critical situations: emotions, anger, tension, arguments, etc.

And currently, the most important aspect for me: I am learning to appreciate myself as a Woman and to experience the healing of different weaknesses, with the help of Nature and myself.

Daniela Ciobanu – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Coaching…a real benefit…it can change the most difficult people!

I learned how to accept…and move on.

After a while, I realized that I can be more direct, more confident in the things that I do.

And most importantly, I know clearly what I want from myself and I get it! Thank you, Elena!

Danut Sandu – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Coaching has helped me understand what it means to be in a team, it taught me to listen to the opinions of others and to apply the best ideas.

I learned to have more courage, and to express my point of view openly.

…to believe more in myself and in my team and most importantly… I managed to become more mature. J

With the help of coaching I am certain that we will fulfill our dream….to become world champions.

Diana Balanescu – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Generally, in a team the goal is not always the same since there are so many different people, with varying desires and natures. Team coaching helps all our team members to express our goals clearly so that they can be accepted by each member and, as a result, each one of us will do his part in fulfilling them. It basically teaches us how to communicate more effectively so that we can all have the same common goal. In my case it helped me understand how my colleagues „work”, their thought patterns and what they feel in certain situations as well as how to relate to each one of them so that our work as a team can be more efficient.

Laurentiu Gavan – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Hi! My name is Laurentiu Gavan and I am a dancer in the Trouble Crew!!! We’ve been doing team-coaching for some time now with Elena, with the purpose of getting to know each other better, accepting each other and learning different “secrets” that make our life easier as a team.

During these sessions I learned to control my stage fright that appears almost before every show. I also learned about how to appreciate myself, how to motivate myself, these things being very important in the field I am working in, where you can actually reach a high level of Performance.

Matei Mihai Marinas – Dancer Trouble Crew Romania

Hello! This training has enabled me to discover myself and apply certain things like: positive attitude, the will to succeed, decency and common sense, creativity, good communication skills with people, confidence in myself and others, and last but not least, a sense of responsibility.

I managed to apply these different things in a very short time. I learned and I succeeded in appreciating myself more often and now I have a slogan which I always repeat to myself:

Even though:I have a problem”…I accept myself completely and deeply!

Try it…  it works only if you really believe these words!

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