Tatiana Jilavu.

Banking Department Manager

The main goal I had when I started working with Elena was a practical, professional one: changing the job I had at the time with a more rewarding one.

At the same time, I realized that this professional evolution meant an even deeper change at the personal level, in my thinking patterns, in my attitude towards myself and my environment. So we got down to business.

After ten coaching sessions, with a more impressive resume, more confidence in myself and my own strength, not only did I find the job I wanted, but I also succeeded in getting it. I got a better position, a better salary and a job that I actually enjoy doing. Mission accomplished.

The change on the personal level is also significant: I know myself better; I know more about who I am and what I want from life. I know I still have a long way to go, as knowing one’s self and personal development never really end.

I did make important steps within the coaching process with Elena as my guide and I recommend this approach to all of you who would like to reach their professional and personal goals.

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