Mihai Baciu.

Senior Trainer - A&D Pharma

The objective/dream we wanted to work upon in the business coaching program Dreams come TRUE was to ensure that we offer high quality services to our customers by preparing the Customer Care Consultants team nationally and helping them integrate their soft skills.

The feedback participants gave was a very good one, and I personally would say the same. The strong points were related to the depth of the debate and this openess toward the subject was due to the coach’s skills who managed all the time to inspire the confidence needed.

Elena Capruciu as our Business Coach was authentic, engaged and with high levels of empathy. I recommend to anyone uncertain of working with Elena, to accept a one hour demo in order to be able to see the true value of the coaching programs.

In the end, I wish to congratulate the coach for the program held naturally and with the highest degree of involvment, traits that lead to exceptional results. I highly recommend Elena Capruciu for any team that wants to grow thanks to/together with its members.

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