Ana Cernat, Vicepresedinte „Idea Banc”.

Manager in the Banking System

Executive Coaching

I am a strong manager. I have faced the economic crisis with the shield and the sword. I have survived this and I keep on moving forward in an unfriendly environment.

In many learning institutions I have been taught that it is ok to wear a mask, so that nobody could see through your emotions. I have been taught that it is better to be tough and that the corporate world is a hard place.

I have found Elena and Dreams come TRUE just in time, before this mask could irreversibly affect my personal life as well. This is how I have learned that if you express your emotions, and if people in your team can actually see your human face, it doesn’t mean that you are weak… as I used to consider. After this coaching sessions both my personal and professional lives have changed – now I can be myself without fear.

Team Building & Coaching

From the point of view of a top management team member at one of the top 10 banks, the year 2007 was pure agony and bliss. There was a time when charts reached the sky due to the booming years of the economy, and a time when they collapsed thanks to the worldwide economic crisis.

Elena Capruciu and Dreams come TRUE – Business Coaching granted me in 2012 a whole new perspective on performance; one that does not rely on budgets, nor money or bonuses.

I obviously knew that 80% from manager’s problems are connected with human resources; if you solve them, you get the left 20%. We found out that the dynamics of a team can be influenced by factors we rarely take into consideration as managers.

To get the team completely effective, many times you have to access new types of options, which we did not learn through an MBA.

Without Elena and her amazing team, I would have never learned this, and my team would not be where it is now. Thank you.

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